Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd

Customised software and solutions for advanced CAE applications, particularly CFD, covering aerospace and the automotive, energy and environment sectors.

Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd (CFS) offers advanced software and customised solutions for complex CAE applications, in particular Computational Fluid Dynamics. The company span out of Cambridge University in 1999, and has significant domain knowledge covering aerospace and the automotive, energy and environment sectors. CFS’s approach centres on delivering practical, highly-integrated simulation software to clients, to augment their capabilities. Close partnership with clients allows CFS to tailor software to specific requirements and to use feedback to guide future product development. The company’s primary product is BOXERMesh, which it licenses commercially.

Products and services


BOXERMesh is an advanced, highly automated, unstructured mesher with robust CAD import, that delivers quality multi-million cell meshes in minutes, on geometries of arbitrary complexity and size. Developed by CFS to overcome the traditional bottlenecks constraining engineering simulations, it is implemented as scalable, fully parallelised software, based on innovative algorithms adapted from the computer graphics industry. The result is a meshing software of exceptional performance, offering a step improvement in complex CAE simulation capability and productivity. Key benefits include an interactive GUI, the ability to run the software automatically through scripting and templating, and the assurance of a high-quality, ready-to-run mesh.

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