Shooting Image Ltd

Shooting Image Ltd

Cambridge area video production company, experienced in creating short business videos for web or internal use. Specialising in films involving scientific, medical, technical, R&D, lab based and/or industrial/factory related subjects and working with companies under NDAs, where needed. Over 750 films produced for SMEs and multi-nationals since 2008.

Address: 75 Newnham Street, Ely
Postcode: CB7 4PQ
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Shooting Image Ltd is a corporate video production company based just outside Cambridge - in Ely. Our aim is production of affordable professional business video tailored to your exact needs. Video for business is now expected on websites and in meetings.  Well produced video enables you to get your image and message across powerfully and consistently - a way to engage, persuade, explain and differentiate and/or motivate in a very cost effective way.  See examples on our website:

We've made over 750 films for businesses and we've worked with a huge variety of corporate and technology based clients (very large to very small) producing imaginative films for a variety of business needs, locally, nationally and even internationally. It's been done using the people and communication skills I honed during a very successful 20-year global career in science and R&D before I set up Shooting Image Ltd in 2008.

Whatever your video needs are, I can usually help.  Contact me to discuss further.

Blenheim House Launch Event - Night Shot

Shooting Image clocks up its 650th business video

Shooting Image Ltd recently produced its 650th business film. This was for the launch of the Cambridge Innovation Park.

15 November 2017Read in full

Shooting Image Ltd Assorted Client Videos Banner 550x275 pixels

How long should a business video be?

One of the questions Cambridge area business video producer Andy K Wilkinson often gets asked is: "How long should the video be?" It depends, and in this short article he makes recommendations for three common types of video.

12 September 2017Read in full

Shooting Image Ltd - Home Page Screen Shot

Shooting Image Ltd launches new business video website

After eight years producing business videos for Cambridge and UK-wide companies, it was finally time to re-design the Shooting Image Ltd website.

18 March 2016Read in full

Shooting Image Ltd films 'Busy as a bee'

Shooting Image Ltd was asked to film the graphics designer Andy Boothman of 'busy as ab'- developing the new branding for a Cambridge breakfast networking group called CAN.

28 January 2016Read in full

Magpas Helimedix In Cockpit Shot

Shooting Image films the Magpas Helimedix helicopter crew in action!

Shooting Image Ltd has chosen to sponsor Magpas Helimedix and so it is producing (free of charge) a number of films to help explain the many different facets of the important work they do.

24 February 2014Read in full

Andy Wilkinson with one of our professional cameras

How Shooting Image makes films for business

A new film shows how Shooting Image Ltd works in creating highly watchable internet videos for Cambridge area businesses.

22 October 2013Read in full

Kathryn, Designer at The Co-operative

The Co-operative's new Manchester headquarters - a short film by Shooting Image Ltd

A three-minute film showcasing the stunning new Manchester headquarters of The Co-operative, 1 Angel Square, has been produced by Ely-based Shooting Image Ltd. Key project staff describe how Phusei Ltd, a major contractor, worked seamlessly with them to design and fit out many of the building's unique interior spaces, while the camera shows you around.

4 June 2013Read in full

Apprenticeship Trainee

Apprenticeships - a Shooting Image film for the Qualifications Centre

Have you considered the benefits of taking on an apprentice? A short video by Shooting Image Ltd, recently produced for Cambridge based Qualifications Centre, outlines some of the key benefits.

4 April 2013Read in full

Open Cambridge Image

Open Cambridge 2012 - a short film by Shooting Image Ltd

Open Cambridge 2012 is a five minute film about the annual (mostly free) Open Cambridge event organised by Cambridge University every September. Many colleges and other interesting and historically significant buildings are open to the public allowing a glimpse of some rare treasures.

29 October 2012Read in full

Shooting Image Ltd produce D S Smith Multigraphics (2012) corporate video

This new film updates the 2009 film Shooting Image produced for DSSMG. It incorporates new sections to highlight some recent hi-tech investments in high speed automated, robotic and digital capabilities (the later from Inca Digital in Cambridge) for their Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire factories.

1 January 2012Read in full

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