Cambridge Innovation Consulting - CamIn

Cambridge Innovation Consulting - CamIn

Cambridge Innovation Consulting (CamIn) is an emerging technology consulting and expert network firm that works directly with world's best experts in emerging technology and related industries to advise our clients. We understand the complex world of innovation and are able to select the best scientific and industrial experts for each project, thus delivering the highest quality support to our clients.

Address: St Johns Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

CamIn provides consulting and expert network services related to emerging technologies by working with academic experts. We conduct emerging technology landscaping, roadmapping & scouting, and due diligence. We also support R&D to early-stage commercialisation activities. CamIn prepares industries for the introduction of emerging technologies (transformation) and enables its clients to remain technologically competitive through innovation. CamIn also conducts technology due diligence for financial institutions, provides knowledge in emerging technologies for consultancies and supports law firms during technology litigation with the provision of world-class expert witnesses.

Businesses have to innovate to stay competitive, a process that is complex and is constantly disrupted by emerging technologies. Scientific and industrial experts, who are currently working in academia, have an excellent understanding of new emerging technologies and the way they will affect an industry — but locating such experts is a challenge. This is why CamIn was created. Our team identifies and works closely with scientific and industrial experts from the world’s top universities, using our in-house developed methodologies and tools to help clients understand the complex areas of emerging technologies.



  • With strict due diligence, we hand-pick world-class scientific and industrial experts on a per-project basis and assemble expert teams tailored to the project.
  • We work exclusively with academic experts across the full spectrum of emerging technologies, and select people who already have a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges.
  • We fully take over the management of the assembled expert teams and utilise our in-house developed methodologies and tools to provide our clients with a clear deliverable.

Advisory Board

Assemble a long-term scientific advisory board to assist the client with its strategic direction, R&D and commercialisation efforts.

Expert Witnessing

Recruit expert(s) who will provide a technical analysis or an affidavit for the client’s dispute resolution processes (arbitration, negotiation, mediation and litigation).

R&D & Manufacturing Support

Review the challenges of the current R&D and manufacturing efforts and propose technological and process improvements with or without long-term partnerships with external research institutions.

Technology Landscaping & Forecasting

Provide a detailed overview of a technology (area), by identifying key research, development and commercialisation efforts across all relevant sub-areas, highlighting their key advantages, disadvantages, challenges and key players involved.

Technology Roadmapping

Conduct a technology landscape analysis and forecast future developments of each of the established and emerging technology sub-areas over the next 10 years. The forecast is based on current and future technological and industrial challenges and the likelihood of them being solved.

Early-Stage Commercialisation

Identify suitable markets for newly developed technologies by matching the technologies’ key performance indicators with the markets’ critical success factors. Determine the value chain, customers and key competitors within the selected markets and assess the long-term competitiveness of the technology/product.

Technology/Vendor Scouting & Due Diligence

Assess the client’s current technology portfolio and identify the long-term competitiveness of the individual technologies.