Argon Design Ltd

Argon Design Ltd

Argon Design is a technology and product development partner. We develop technologies and products for companies ranging from start-ups to multinational corporates.

Address: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Corporate 21-50 (£500+VAT pa)

Leading industry experience

The Argon Design team has a long record of successful product developments across a range of markets

From mobile devices to financial services, medical devices to multimedia chips, tele-presence to deep packet inspection - our innovative solutions have helped to create exciting products offering a unique business advantage to our customers.

We work as a design services partner helping our customers to develop their innovating products, and also develop our own products and intellectual property where we identify a particular market need.



Argon360 is an IP core building block offering sophisticated real time stitching of high resolution video from multiple sensors. Argon360 technology is designed for incorporation into an ASIC, offering ultimate performance and is also available as an FPGA implementation, suitable for lower volume products.

Electronic Product Design Services

Electronic Product Design Services

Argon Design's engineers have created hundreds of embedded product designs for a wide range of industries such as medical, bio-technology, military, aerospace, retail, computing and mobile, automotive, white goods, industrial control, image processing, image analysis and networking systems.

Argon Logo

Argon Design exposes its soul!

As part of its digital engagement strategy, Argon Design is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

3 December 2012Read in full

Argon Blaster

Argon Blaster™ delivers industry’s first flow simulator and traffic generator

Desktop network and security testing solution "Blaster" delivers a line rate, timing accurate, flow simulation application on an affordable PCIe acceleration card for use in standard x86 platforms. This enables OEMs to cost effectively distribute a high performance simulation and traffic generation solution throughout the engineering organisation. This new approach significantly reduces development time and cost, while simultaneously increasing product quality.

20 November 2012Read in full

Matthew Bailey, Alan Scott, Steve Barlow & Dr Peter de Rivaz

Hard sums in quest for pink unicorn

Argon Design's executive team were interviewed by Jenny Chapman in their offices at the St John's Innovation Centre.

3 October 2012Read in full

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