Forward Financials Limited

Helping you access finance, manage cash and make better decisions with improved financial systems.

We support start ups through to corporates and as Qualified Accountants, Qualified Bankers and Business Analysts we see issues from all angles to help take your business forward.

We give practical solutions and advice.

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As well as our many years as Bank Relationship Managers and Credit Sanctioners dealing with start-ups through to larger corporates we have analysed a wide range of businesses as City Analysts. We are also Qualified Accountants and having set up our own business from scratch know first-hand the challenges businesses of all sizes face and how to deal with them. 

We can help with: 

Financial Systems tailored to your business - to aid decisions and improve cash and profit clarity.

Access to Finance - our years as decision makers within banks now help you approach the right people with credible data to secure the best deal.

Finance Director Support - cost effective, qualified accountant support when you need it.  Helping you manage cash and covenants.

Image removed.Delphine Paterson

Based in Cambridgeshire with over 20 years’ experience in banking Delphine is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. Prior to founding Forward Financials she worked in the City at RBS plc. Here she evaluated client risk, authorised credit and set pricing and covenants. 





Image removed.Raemy Singh

Raemy qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London with Deloitte & Touche before moving into banking in 2001.  Prior to founding Forward Financials, she worked at an international bank preparing financial models and risk reports to enable lending decisions. 

Products and services

Finance Directors

Cost effective support

We provide support for one off projects or more regularly for as many days a month as you require. We work with you to enhance your existing team, fill any skills gaps and share our knowledge and experience.

We typically support businesses that have outgrown their existing finance team but do not need, or want the fixed cost of, a full time, qualified Finance Director.  We also assist businesses who find their finance team needs extra support whilst they undertake a specific project such as an acquisition or business restructure.

Often business owners themselves take on the role of Finance Director, working “in” the business as opposed to “on” the business.  This will ultimately restrict its growth, so flexible, professional support to lean on can free up time and provide a sounding board for important strategic decisions.

Cost Effective, Qualified and Experienced support

Key benefits include: 

  • An experienced finance professional the business owner(s) can lean on
  • Financial support for strategic planning
  • Leadership that improves the confidence and productivity of the finance team
  • Introduction of smarter financial reporting systems and working practices
  • Tailored forecasts for intense cash flow management
  • A hands on approach to financial challenges and budget controls
  • Greater profitability through business analysis and focus on profit generators
  • A credible key point of contact for lenders and business partners
  • Comprehensive covenant data
Financial Systems

Cash and profit clarity for better decisions.

Our systems reflect the size and complexity of your business: 

We provide tailored Cash Flow Systems and combined Management Account and Forecasting Systems which enable easy input of historic data and the ability to quickly flex your forecast data. If a working system is not required we can produce output for your specific projects.

Key features include:

  • Management data in a user friendly format for you and your lender
  • Data that consistently rolls forward from the latest actual data
  • Integrated Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow data
  • Debt and interest schedules for clarity on amount, term and type of funding
  • Sensitivities using easy switches between scenarios to stress test and compare
  • Detailed comparisons
  • Covenant tests and headroom
  • Consolidation/Acquisition/Restructuring/Invoice Finance/International
  • Systems that can evolve with your business
  • Inbuilt integrity checks

We use our insight as bankers and qualified accountants to ensure you have the right data in the right format so you and your lenders can make informed decisions and effectively monitor your business growth.

Access Finance

An efficient way to secure a fair deal.

We offer specialist advice and assistance with:

Cash Flow · Business Plans · Financial Analysis · Management Accounts · Debt structure · Pricing · Covenants · Negotiating terms and conditions · Security · Budget setting · Forecasting with sensitivities

Whether you need funding for growth, support when times are more challenging or just the peace of mind that the deal fits, our first-hand experience of credit processes, risk assessment and price setting means we can give you impartial advice.

We can also fully project manage your funding application ensuring your deal is communicated with expertise and credibility for a swift indicative offer.  We have an extensive network of funders giving you an efficient way of securing a fair deal.

Our approach to helping you unlock the finance you need: 

  • A review of your current arrangements, forecast data and anticipated funding needs
  • Advice as to the most suitable funding structure for you to achieve your goals
  • Honest feedback as to your options
  • Market testing of lender appetite
  • Getting the deal done!
  • Providing quality monitoring data to maintain lender confidence

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