C3 have a rich history of providing specialist computer telephony platforms for more than 30 years, supplying some of the largest UK and Worldwide companies with PCI-DSS Payment, Multi-Channel and Virtual Contact Centers, IVR call flows and Telephone Voice Recognition. COVID 19 led to a rethink in business operation trends with remote workers leading to migration of onsite solutions to cloud based, CCaaS, CPaaS and UCaaS deployments. C3’s core technology-agnostic software gives their customers businesses the edge in competitive markets and helped to overcome the technical challenges of moving to the cloud .

Our clients include many of the UK's most recognised telecommunications businesses – including BT, Vodafone, and Virgin Media and our technology has been deployed in over 26 countries worldwide. 

As a PCI DSS Tier 1 Service and Solutions Provider (the highest possible standard), C3 is fully accredited to provide a range of secure solutions to process credit and debit card payments via telephone, SMS & online.

We include some of the Countries best Univerisities as customers as well as providing payment solutions to the large retail and catalogue companies.

Our products enable our clients to streamline their communication processes, generate new revenue streams, improve their call handling quality and lower costs.

Aside from our market leading call handling and voice messaging solutions, we are also known as one of the UK’s leading PCI specialists and our kit is used by some of the UK’s best-known charity campaigns to take thousands of secure payments per minute.

C3 work with a strong commitment to our clients, striving to exceed their expectations and demands. 

C3 is based in Stirling House, Denny End Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB25 9PB

Products and services

Multichannel Contact Centre Platform

The system provides queuing, routing and monitoring of enquiries across all channels, with every single interaction recorded in the system’s integrated CRM.

This CRM history is automatically available to the agent as they start a new conversation with a customer, making it easy for the agent to participate in two-way conversations across multiple channels, and saving the customer from having to repeat information as they move between channels.

Contact also supports outbound communication, including bulk SMS, email and outbound IVR. This gives you the necessary data to generate ROI on any outbound marketing campaign by “closing the loop” with data on subsequent inbound enquiries.

PCI Compliant billing modules can also form part of your Contact deployment.

IVR Support

Your customers are still using telephony as a service channel, particularly when they perceive their situation to be critical, or have failed to get an adequate response via other channels.

C3 has over 20 years’ experience in supplying advanced call handling and voice messaging systems and Contact reflects this, with granular call functionality, control, monitoring and reporting. Contact can also be deployed in conjunction with Fusion, our drag & drop IVR scripting tool for complete control over your call services.

Contact is available as a hosted or on premise deployment.

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Gateway Inmate Telephone System

C3 developed the original technology behind Gateway 3 and it has been successfully used in prisons and secure hospitals for over 20 years.

Gateway has undergone continual development to keep it at the forefront of communications technology and has been enhanced and improved based on feedback from users.

Why choose Gateway for your facility?

  • Robust, proven solution
  • Tailored to the unique challenges of the sector
  • Most cost-effective option on the market
  • Fully customisable, easy to use & administer
  • Supports credit card billing
  • Suitable for deployment in  UK or overseas

Product Features

  • Users can only access pre- approved numbers
  • High-quality call recording and comprehensive monitoring facilities
  • Staff able to mute/ speak to either party during the call
  • Recordings provide a full audit trail, can be reviewed, tagged & are suitable for usage in legal proceedings.
  • Detailed reporting

For more information get in touch with our team sales@c3.co.uk or call us on +44 1223 427 700

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Network Conferencing

Conferences can be hosted on-demand, pre-booked or recurrent with an option to reserve capacity on all types - not just the pre-booked ones. Capacity management algorhythms eliminate the possibility of overbooking and configurable on-demand tolerances mitigate any allocation problems during peak usage levels.

Our conference solution supports multiple, fully brandable operators with configurable capacity allowances. This enables the platform to be partitioned (if required) for multiple, concurrent operators.

Being ‘Powered By Apcentia’ means that other services can be provided including voicemail and call routing, automated information services, call recording and bespoke services. The system also supports Value Added Services with multiple billing and payment mechanisms.

Product Highlights

  • Provide feature rich pre-booked, recurrent or on-demand phone conference services
  • Support multiple, fully brandable operators
  • Secure Web Management Interface - presents intuative controls including: platform and conference service settings, client details, conference booking controls, live and historic usage statistics
  • Automated email confirmation of conference bookings and cancellations via configurable email templates
  • Intelligent Capacity Management - eliminates overbooking and throttles on-demand conferences during times of peak usage
  • Configurable In-conference Functions including : roll call, mute caller, disconnect caller, talk privately, conference lock, toggle call recording, conference time remaining, request conference extension
  • Best quality conference audio provided by independent volume and gain control for every conferee, selective mixing of the active speaker and DTMF key tone surppression
  • Supports a limitless number of conferences with up to 64 active conferees per conference and unlimited listen only access

Operator Benefits

  • Operate cost effective conferencing services
  • Easily provide service flexibility and customisation
  • Intuative web management interface
  • Offer additional revenue generating services
  • Partition the platform for multiple operators

Solution Benefits

  • Standards based, ‘future-proof’ architecture, supporting TDM and SIP technologies
  • Easy administation and management via an intuative web interface supporting multiple levels of access

User Benefits

  • Comprehensive conferencing feature set
  • Easy to use phone interface with Chairperson and conferee control via any DTMF keypad
  • Email confirmation of booking activities
  • Opportunity to use complementary services

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PCI Payment Solution

C3’s PCI DSS Payment solution allows organisations of all shapes and sizes to offer automated payment options to our clients. 

Payments can be made via Telephony, Web or SMS transactions and offer reassurance that the customers’ card details are being processed with the maximum possible level of security.  These measures increase customer confidence and protection from fraud.

Intelligent payment services can be built around the payment capability. These services include automated payment reminders, automated payment requests where the customer is prompted to make the required payment immediately or defer the payment by requesting a call back at a specific time or date.

Being ‘Powered By Apcentia’ means that elements from our entire product range can be provided simultaneously on the same platform with minimal additional investment.

Product Highlights

  • Tier 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliant for Telephony, Web and SMS payment mechanisms
  • Complete solution inclusive of documented policies and procedures
  • Card on file rebilling capability
  • Supports multiple merchant codes to multiple payment aggregators and clearing houses
  • Support available to maintain compliance
  • Failure-proof architecture built on industry standard & 20 years of experience

Solution Benefits

  • Available as an Onsite or Managed Service Solution
  • Reduce your associated costs in becoming PCI DSS Compliance
  • Build automated payment services around the payment capability
  • Easy administration & management via and intuitive web interface supporting multiple levels of access

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Fusion IVR: Graphical Service Creation Tool and Automatic Code Generator

This game-changing IVR scripting tool has helped our customers slash development time and, as a result, launch new services far quicker than their competition.

Fusion’s intuitive flow chart graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to create intricate IVR scripts with drag & drop functionality. No complex programming or technical knowledge is required to use Fusion – anyone can create or modify a call flow using the software’s simple flowchart format.

Fusion enables organisations to drastically lower operational costs and can slash development time by up to 90%, reducing time to market.

Product Highlights

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Rapid Development and Deployment - new services can be made available to the market exceedingly quickly
  • At-A-Glance Comprehension - call flows are represented in a flowchart format making them easy to navigate and simple to modify
  • Operational Anywhere - access all the features of the editor from any location
  • Easy to modify existing services
  • Comprehensive Node Types- including Play, Record, Menu, Voiceforms, Payment, Conference, SMS, HTTP and Email
  • Programatical granularity & ability to customise component parts for bespoke solutions
  • Drastically Lower Your Operational Costs
  • Easy administration and management supporting multiple levels of partitioned access

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Workforce Management

Find out more about our Workforce Management tools:

Lookout Call

Award-winning Lone Worker application used by over 18,000 workers across the UK.

This simple but effective mobile-based system gives vulnerable lone workers protection by alerting colleagues immediately if they are overdue from an appointment, or require emergency assistance.

Emergency Response

C3’s emergency response solution is designed to mobilise staff as quickly as possible, by automatically escalating an alarm message to allrelevant teams, via voice broadcast, SMS or email.

Status Messaging

A resource management facility to report the activities of staff working at remote locations, or on the road.


For more information contact us

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Call Handling

C3 Call Handling Products

Virtual Call Centre

A Flexible call centre solution for forward-thinking businesses

Auto Attendant

A flexible front office tool that acts as an automated receptionist for customers

Multilevel Menus

Help your customers quickly reach the information, service or person they are looking for

Self Service & Automation

Automate given caller interactions and free up agents to handle other calls

Voice Dialler

Speed up call transfer time with C3’s voice recognition dialler

Call Recording

Ensure best practice across your business with C3’s scalable and adaptable Call Recording solution

Voice Mail

Deploy unified voicemail to your subscribers, whatever the size of your organisation

Network Messaging

A powerful enterprise messaging solution for carriers and MVNOs

Personal Numbering

Give users full control in routing their inbound calls wherever they are based

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