B K Tooling

A specialist in the design and manufacture of both plastic injection mould tools and plastic moulded products.

Address: Pleasant View, Gaston Green, Bishop’s Stortford
Postcode: CM22 7QS
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.bktooling.co.uk
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

The company's base in Hertfordshire consists of two workshops under one roof.

One is the toolroom, which is involved with the design and manufacture of plastic injection mould tools. The toolroom can offer:

  • Latest plastic flow simulation software
  • Plastic product design
  • Conversion of design concept to end product
  • Innovative rapid manufacture
  • Latest plant and equipment
  • Latest high speed production techniques
  • Latest cad/cam software
  • Plastic injection mould tool design
  • Simple prototype mould tools to complex production mould tools

The second workshop is involved in producing plastic injection mouldings from the mould tools which have been constructed in the toolroom.

The workshop has a large range of plastic injection moulding machines equipped with a high level of ancillary equipment and works to the high level of expertise and equipment necessary for the processing of engineering grade polymers.

It serves the following markets:

  • Medical
  • R&D
  • Telecommunications
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Promotional
  • Leisure

B K Tooling is one of the few design and manufacturing companies who are trained in all of the above areas, rather than just a few.

Robert TunksCompany founder Robert Tunks says that B K Tooling offers a unique proposition to their clients:

"The main advantage that we offer our clients is our ability to keep everything under one roof, while providing a rapid and efficient turn-around that our competitors find hard to match."

If you would like to find out how B K Tooling can help your business, please contact us at bob@bktooling.co.uk