3di Information Solutions Limited

3di designs, writes and localizes complex technical information so that it is clear and easy to use for your customers in the UK and across the globe.

Specialist technical writers providing top-quality authoring and information design services for:

  • user guides
  • online help
  • web content
  • policies and procedures
  • training manuals
  • bids and tenders
  • operator manuals
  • marketing materials

Expert translation and localization solutions and process improvement for:

  • software
  • online help
  • technical documentation
  • websites
  • e-learning
  • marketing and PR
  • training materials
  • compliance information

Comprehensive software usability analysis to:

  • identify user issues
  • cut down support time
  • reduce requirement for written documents
  • turn users into advocates

We offer outsourcing solutions, contract and permanent staff, project management and consultancy.  To find out more, visit our website www.3di-info.com, telephone 01483 211533 or email contact@3di-info.com.

Products and services

Software Usability

Software that has usability issues is difficult for users to learn and expensive to support. 3di Software Usability provides expertise to help you make your software more usable and keep costs to your business down.

Improving software user experience doesn't have to be complicated. 3di Software Usability provides a range of straightforward services to help you understand your users and make your desktop software and web applications more usable.

First steps in user experience? Our usability evaluation starter package is designed for you. A set of usability tests and a report on key issues and improvement recommendations lets you see your users in action and decide on your usability priorities.

Something for the longer term? We partner with your development team to add usability testing and user experience expertise to your normal development processes, so you can build in usability without needing to expand your team.

We help you:

- identify usability issues that prevent potential customers from “getting” your product and making best use of its features

- cut down the time you spend supporting users, by helping them to help themselves

- reduce the need to write help and training materials, by making the user interface work harder to support your users

- turn your users into advocates, by making your products more pleasurable to use

Visit our dedicated web site for this service at www.3diusability.com for more information.

Translation and Localization

We are experts in managing the localization and re-engineering of software products, websites, web hosted e-learning content, courseware, interactive and audio content. We also provide scalable localization testing for software and web applications using state-of-the-art test automation tools and a consultancy service to help you accelerate multilingual product releases.

3di localization services will help your business to:

- expand into new, international markets

- adhere to regulatory or compliance legislation at a global level

- increase international market share by improving the customer and user experience

- improve service quality whilst reducing support costs

Our localization service is built on solid foundations:

- localization project and engineering management by industry veterans

- independent and authoritative selection of industry-leading tools and localization software

- a scalable, robust IT infrastructure enabling us to localize, recompile, and test applications on all major hardware or software platforms in all world languages (Windows server family, Unix/Linux, Mac)

- an agreed fixed price and deadline for delivery of each localization project or a framework/service level agreement

- a fully managed, high-quality service requiring minimal commitment of your own resources

Contact 3di today to find out how we can help you support your international customers.

See our website for information on all 3di translation services.

Technical Communication

Being able to effectively communicate technical information about your products, systems, and business processes is critical to the success of your organisation. 3di makes this information work for you.

It’s simple: information is more effective when it is well designed, developed and delivered. It’s easier to find and easier to understand.

Achieving this efficiently and getting it right consistently requires specialist expertise. That’s where we come in.

If you are looking for advice or assistance with authoring your documentation or how your business information should be designed then please contact 3di to discuss your requirements. 

Visit our Projects we service page to see the type of projects we assist our customers with.

Why do you need our technical documentation expertise? Work with 3di and you can expect to:

- improve the productivity of systems development and support staff

- achieve a quicker return on investment after rolling out new IT systems

- improve customer experiencemeet product-to-market deadlines for international software products

- improve and/or simplify the English of documents supplied to you

- reduce the costs and improve the quality of translation

- meet the audit requirements of internal and external regulatory bodies

- reduce the costs of helpdesk operationsfind an outsource solution in times of high workload or skills shortage

- create simple-to-use guides and manuals

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