TeraView Limited

TeraView is the world's first innovator of terahertz imaging and terahertz spectroscopy systems, with over two decades of experience in the field. TeraView's co-founders, Sir Michael Pepper (CSO) and Dr Don Arnone (CEO), developed the TPI™ platform after working in the field of sourcing and detecting terahertz and recognising the potential which terahertz equipment had in solving real-world problems.

TeraView was spun-out of Toshiba Research Europe in April 2001 by its co-founders, Sir Michael Pepper (CSO) and Dr Don Arnone (CEO), to exploit the intellectual property and expertise developed in sourcing and detecting terahertz (1 THz= 33.3cm-1) radiation, using innovative semiconductor technologies.

For more information see www.teraview.com

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