Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants

For over 50 years, Cambridge Consultants has led the way in innovative product development. We are the development partner of choice to many of the world’s leading blue chips, as well as the virtual development team for ambitious start-up companies.

Address: The Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0DW
Country: United Kingdom
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Cambridge Consultants is a world-class supplier of innovative product development engineering and technology consulting.  

Working from our laboratories in Cambridge, UK, and Boston, USA, we have all the in-house skills needed to help you to create an innovative concept right the way through to taking your product into manufacturing.  Most of our projects deliver prototype hardware or software and trials production batches.  Equally, our technology consultants can help you to maximise your product portfolio and technology roadmap.

We’re not content just to create me-too products that make incremental change; we specialise in helping companies achieve the seemingly impossible.  We work with some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies as well as with some of the smallest, innovative start-ups who want to change the status quo fast.


Product Developers & Technology Consultants

Cambridge Consultants has an exceptional combination of people, processes, facilities and track record. Brought together, this enables innovative product development and insightful technology consulting. The typical customer benefits are a faster time to market, increased return on product development investment, and lower risk for our clients.

Laser scanner

Cambridge Consultants develops scanner for 'fingerprinting' products

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants has worked with Ingenia Technology to develop a high-speed laser scanner for use in brand protection, product authentication and ‘track and trace’ applications.

10 April 2013Read in full

Power supply

Cambridge Consultants helps industry power ahead

An innovative power supply design from Cambridge Consultants creates high redundancy for critical loads.

4 April 2013Read in full


Breathing new life into inhalers

An innovative dry powder inhaler (DPI) designed by product development firm Cambridge Consultants and Chiesi Farmaceutici has been launched onto the market. The patient-friendly NEXThaler® device has been developed for use in the treatment of asthma. Its creative design makes the device very intuitive – all the patient has to do is open it, breathe in, and close it again.

28 March 2013Read in full

Employer of the year

Cambridge Consultants announced as 'Employer of the Year'

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants has been named Employer of the Year. The accolade was the culmination of Cambridge Business Week – a celebration of the city’s multi-billion-pound enterprises.

26 March 2013Read in full

CC Expansion

New jobs to boost innovation

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants today announced it is creating 50 new jobs in 2013. Having grown year on year over the past decade, the company is now accelerating its expansion – with plans to double its 380-strong UK and US workforce over the next four years. The firm is also expanding into the Asian market, with the opening of an office in Singapore.

26 March 2013Read in full

India report

Indian pharma growth outpaces rivals

Senior delegates at the Cambridge Consultants Mumbai pharma workshop said Indian pharmaceutical companies must embrace innovation and adopt technology if they are to stay competitive.

11 March 2013Read in full

Indoor tracking

The inside track to safety

New technology from innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants can accurately detect someone’s location indoors when GPS drops out. A number of sensors and a custom algorithm determine the location, with an accuracy of within approximately 1% of the distance travelled. Yet the technology uses low-power, low-cost sensors and the device concept is small enough to clip on a belt. It also doesn’t need any existing internal infrastructure.

7 March 2013Read in full


Cambridge Consultants takes measurement to a new level

New technology from innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants is offering a cost-effective way to accurately measure liquid levels – with no calibration required. Called FELT – or Fringe Effect Level Transducer – the technology is a novel approach to monitoring the level of a wide variety of fluids.

28 February 2013Read in full


New sensor system and app deliver peace of mind

Keeping track of dropped and damaged parcels has just got easier – with a new sensor system and app developed by innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants.

6 February 2013Read in full

Surgical Report 2013

Surgery set for a facelift

The next wave of technologies has the potential to radically reshape the surgical landscape beyond 2030, according to a new report from innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants.

15 January 2013Read in full

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