MISSION Therapeutics

MISSION Therapeutics is a specialist pharmaceutical company whose aim is to translate new molecular understandings of human cell biology into drugs that will markedly improve the management of life-threatening diseases, particularly cancer.

MISSION Therapeutics holds and will maintain world-leadership in the DNA damage response (DDR) and associated molecular pathways. MISSION Therapeutics will use its knowledge and proven expertise in targeting these pathways for small-molecule drug discovery to develop new therapeutic agents with wide market potential.  These drugs will mainly target "Achilles heels" of cancer by exploiting the concept of synthetic-lethality.  The Company is building a pipeline of novel targets within the ubiquitin pathways controlling  DDR and are particularly focussed on deubiquitylating proteases.

MISSION Therapeutics was founded by Professor Steve Jackson, a world expert on the DNA damage response. Steve is Senior Group Leader and Head of Cancer Research UK Laboratories in the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge University and is the University's Frederick James Quick Professor of Biology. For information on his research, see http://www.gurdon.cam.ac.uk/~jacksonlab/

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