Eurotech design and manufacture electronics systems and solutions for a diverse range of applications in the Transportation, Communications, Defence, Security, and Industrial engineering industries. With products and services spanning single board computers, embedded platforms, supercomputers and cloud based data delivery services, Eurotech is an ideal partner for any embedded requirement.

Address: 2 Clifton Court, Cambridge
Postcode: CB1 7BN
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Corporate 6-20 (£250+VAT pa)

Eurotech is a global company with a strong international focus: born and still headquartered in Italy, it has operating locations in Europe, North America and Japan.

Our roots are in the field of embedded computers. We began by addressing the challenge of real-time control of machines: from day one we knew that the right answer delivered too late becomes the wrong answer, so we learned how to ensure accuracy and reliability together with timely delivery of information.

While we continue to enhance our real-time control offering, we more and more address the challenge of creating end-to-end solutions to seamlessly interconnect distributed smart objects and move valuable data between machines, not just within machines.

The technological paradigm followed by Eurotech is Pervasive Computing, which combines three key factors: the miniaturisation of computers capable of processing information; their spread in the real world - in buildings and machinery, on board vehicles, on persons and in the environment; and their ability to network and communicate.

With a tiny, connected computer attached, any object can generate a data stream and potentially become an asset monitored via the web: from a vending machine to a money bundle, from an agricultural vehicle to a rail crossing. But to create the so-called Internet of Things you must manage the interface between real world and digital world, between sensors and web, between devices and Cloud.

At Eurotech, we know both how to process significant data in real world applications and how to move it into the Cloud.  Today, all our hardware platforms and devices can easily plug into the Cloud infrastructure, allowing our partners and customers to build flexible IT installations that can support new value-add services and asset monitoring applications.

What many of our customers are seeking is an expert technology centre, and they frequently find that Eurotech is the right partner for innovating their products and way of doing business. They want ready-to-use building blocks to reduce their time-to-market and focus on their core activities. They often need solutions for heavy-duty usage conditions and mission critical applications, or long-term supply guarantees.

As we continue foresighting  the future, in our work we encapsulate a natural attention to the social dimension: we imagine how to use digital technology to make systems smarter, infrastructures greener and key services available for a wider group of people; in other words, to create a better world.

iNebula and Eurotech team up to create iNebula Connect for smart objects

Eurotech and iNebula announce the industry’s first cloud service to offer a distributed and secure platform to support smart objects, collecting, storing and distributing data.

23 April 2015Read in full

Eurotech and WebRatio extend their technological collaboration for the IoT

Eurotech and WebRatio announce their technological collaboration for the rapid development of IoT Enterprise Business Applications, combining the visual Interaction Flow Modelling Language (IFML®) with Everyware Device Cloud.

8 April 2015Read in full

UK Embedded Systems Conference

Conference explores the implementation of 'device to cloud' connectivity

This year's UK Device Developers' Conference will include a half-day workshop and a technical presentation relating to the technical issues surrounding the implementation of 'Device to Cloud' solutions, often referred to as IoT.

19 March 2015Read in full

Eurotech Everyware Cloud logo

Eurotech announces release of Everyware Cloud™(EC) 3.5, its M2M/IoT Integration Platform

Eurotech, a leading innovator in M2M technologies, announced the official release of Everyware Cloud™ 3.5, its M2M/IoT Integration Platform. New features greatly enrich the device management capabilities.

10 February 2015Read in full

Eurotech announces its partnership with InVMA Limited

Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and IoT / M2M systems, announced its partnership with InVMA Limited, a leading supplier of IoT and M2M solutions and applications. Together the two companies can offer an end to end solution for the Internet of Things.

2 February 2015Read in full

CPU 351 single board computer image

Eurotech announces CPU-351-13, power efficient embedded platform

Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the launch of the CPU-351-13, a low-power embedded platform that enables machine-to-machine applications and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

22 January 2015Read in full

ReliaSENS image

Eurotech receives 2014 M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award

Eurotech's cloud-connected environmental monitor, ReliaSENS 18-12, has been honoured with the M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award for Exceptional Innovation.

20 January 2015Read in full

SF logo

Eurotech announces release of Everyware Software Framework (ESF) 3.0 for M2M and IoT

Everyware Software Framework (ESF) 3.0 is the Java-OSGi Framework for M2M Gateways, Smart Devices and IoT applications. As well as many new features, ESF 3.0 is now synchronized with the release of Kura, the open source project within the Eclipse IoT Working Group.

13 January 2015Read in full

Eurotech named Red Hat ISV Advanced Partner

Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, and a leading global player in the M2M/IoT marketplace, has joined the Red Hat Partner Program, becoming a Red Hat ISV Advanced Partner.

20 November 2014Read in full

Aurora Hive

Eurotech introduces Hi√e, the ultimate accelerated computing solution

Eurotech, a leader in green supercomputing technology, announced the launch of the Hi√e (High Velocity) system, the new addition to the Aurora line of supercomputers.

19 November 2014Read in full

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