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GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Asymptote Ltd is part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences. Asymptote specialises in the development and supply of cryo-chain equipment and consumables for use in regenerative medicine and other biological applications.

The Asymptote product portfolio comprises hardware, software and consumables. Our VIA Freeze range of liquid nitrogen-free controlled rate freezers and the first in a series of automated, dry conduction thawers - the CellSeal Automated Thawing System - are available today. The VIA Thaw for cryobags and vials will be released soon. All Asymptote's hardware products integrate with my.Cryochain to standardize and audit remote processes from any web-browser. Together these form a complete cryochain platform: an integrated end-to-end solution for most vial and container types. More products are in development, including IceStart, an ice nucleator to ensure consistent freezing in multiwell plates.

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