Purpose First Ltd

Purpose First is a management consultancy, helping organisations in all sectors to survive, and to thrive in uncertain times. Showing fast-growing businesses how to rediscover teamwork is a speciality.

Facing a slowing economy, many managers are tempted to adapt by tightening belts, reducing production, laying off staff or pruning services. Yet these approaches all cause deep and lasting damage that is unseen and not currently costed out.

We can show you better ways to improve your business than cutting costs; and how to run a more productive and happier community, in which effcetiveness and innovation naturally thrive.

Products and services

Service transformation -all sectors

My broad experience of 'How public and private organizations really work' allow me to diagnose, design and drive business improvement that produces lasting competitive advantage.

I see corporate culture and leadership as the cornerstones of enduring improvement, and being people-oriented, I lead change by clarity and inclusion, especially prizing 'learning by doing'.

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