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Barclays Bank in Cambridge provides support to our customers, for a range of diverse needs. From opening your first bank account at 11, to multi national corporations, we have the knowledge and passion to help you grow!

Barclays support the Cambridge network with branches in:

  • St Andrews Street
  • Sidney Street
  • Chesterton Road
  • Cherry Hinton Road
  • Addenbrokes Hospital
  • Histon

We are committed to help Cambridge grow and prosper by supporting our local community. We also have 2 fantastic Eagle Labs in Cherry Hinton Road and Chesterton Road branches. These support Cambridge with co-working space, 3D printing, Laser cutting and much more!

Our colleagues in Cambridge are here to help. From financial wellbeing seminars to 3D printing - We are here to help you....

Products and services

Room Hire @ Barclays Eagle Lab

Barclays Eagle Labs
7-8 Clifton Court
Cherry Hinton Road
Cambridge CB1 7BN

Based on Cherry Hinton Road, we are in an excellent location to the Station and a short walk to the City Centre and have free parking.

Looking to hold a meeting or an event and need a venue? With our competitive rates, we have two meeting rooms and also have a Maker Space in the Lab if you want to utilise this too!

Please get in contact with or call 07823 369 542 for more information.

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Four great reasons to use..

An accountant can offer invaluable advice to anyone who's launching their own business', as Glenn Collins of ACCA, the global body for professional accountants, explains.

How to export successfully

Exporting overseas has helped British skincare company Eve Taylor prosper, even when there's a downturn in the domestic market. Here they share their advice and explain how thinking global but acting local has helped them to export successfully all over the world.

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Borrowing for your business

Business lending is a service we offer to our customers.

Here Barclays Business Manager, Alison Ferriman talks about how she helped small business owner, Sullivan Marchant with his business loan application so he could expand his business and open up his second salon.

Have you used a loan to expand your business?


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