Cambridge Science Centre

Cambridge Science Centre (CSC) is the only year-round science centre in the East of England. It specialises in taking complex scientific messages and making them accessible, exciting & fun for young learners. Through a combination of informal STEM outreach in schools & communities and visits to the Cambridge Centre, CSC has engaged with ~400,000 young learners, their families & teachers since opening in 2013.

The Cambridge Science Centre is a venue for exhibitions, shows, workshops and talks: a place in which to discover, to create and to learn. It acts as a gateway into some of the amazing scientific research in this great city and from around the world.

We are a registered educational charity guided by three main principles:

  1. To develop and host exhibitions, events and outreach programmes which advance education and inspire young people to engage with science and technology.
  2. To provide a physical and online hub for public engagement with scientific research. To enhance the public understanding and debate around public policy and ethics related to scientific progress.
  3. To deliver targetted outreach and travelling exhibitions that will improve access to science and technology for underserved communities around Cambridgeshire and East Anglia.

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