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Urban&Civic are the owners and developers of Alconbury Enterprise Campus: the Government-backed Enterprise Zone established in 2011 to create nearly 3 million sq ft of high quality low carbon business space for production, R&D and offices to the North of Cambridge.

Urban&Civic was founded in 2009 by Nigel Hugill and Robin Butler, who have collaborated for 25 years to direct some of Europe’s largest regeneration projects, including Stratford City (London 2012 Olympic site), Greenwich Peninsula and Paddington Basin. The team has extensive experience of large, complex sites, and a powerful sense of mission in creating properly integrated mixed-use developments, with enduring quality and value.

We cover every aspect of the development process, ensuring quality and environmental standards are delivered at every scale: identifying strategic sites; structuring complex financing; overcoming infrastructure challenges and delivering major transport interchanges; working with local partners and communities; and negotiating planning at every level. Our guiding principle is to create long-term sustainable developments, with rich landscapes, which are recognised internationally, respected nationally and cherished locally.

The company’s first local development is the freehold of the 1420 acre (575 hectare) former airfield at Alconbury, next to Huntingdon. This is now being transformed into the high quality low carbon community of Alconbury Weald which will deliver 8,000 jobs, 5,000 homes, 700 acres (283 hectares) of green space. The Weald will include investment in inspiring community and educational space, and transport facilities including links to the market leading Guided Busway and a new railstation on the East Coast Mainline.

At the heart of Alconbury Weald is the nearly 3 million sq ft of Enterprise Zone Campus being developed in this unique business location. Situated on the North South transport spine of the country, between the A1(M) and the East Coast Mainline, and with close East-West links to the A14 and Guided Busway, Alconbury Campus provides high quality flexible and bespoke Enterprise Zone space for production, offices and R&D. Sitting between the global innovation hub of Cambridge and the cluster of over 350 eco-based businesses at Peterborough the Campus lies at the heart of – and is home to -  the Local Enterprise Partnership.

As a Government and partner-backed Enterprise Zone, Alconbury Campus offers a host of benefits:

  • A 100% business rate discount, worth up to £275,000 over a five-year period, for businesses that move into an Enterprise Zone during the course of this Parliament;
  • For at least 25 years, all business rates growth within the zone will be shared by the local authorities in the LEP area to support their economic priorities;
  • Government and local authority help to develop radically simplified planning approaches in the zone; and
  • Government support to deliver superfast broadband across the zone.

Urban&Civic are also offering a range of other opportunities, including:

  • A team of internationally renowned architects, consultants and project managers ready to provide a bespoke service;
  • Support in recruiting local people and up-skilling new and existing staff;
  • Green travel advice to help you support your people in getting around;
  • A range of local banks, businesses and services;
  • Flexible terms and options. Joining us early gives you the chance to grow in a setting that will meet your needs both now, and in the future;
  • Help, in conjunction with our partners, to access additional support and funding.


Alconbury Weald has a workforce of one million people living within 60 minutes’ drive, with skills levels up to 20% above the national average. Urban&Civic are breaking new ground in working with a partnership of local training providers and colleges specifically set up to deliver skills and training for new or existing employees of companies relocating to the Campus.


Products and services

Alconbury Enterprise Campus

At the heart of the high quality, low carbon development of Alconbury Weald, the campus offers flexible, bespoke space for businesses. The Government-backed Enterprise Zone offers a range of benefits including business rates relief, superfast broadband and simplified planning.

Sitting in a prime location on the transport spine of the country with road and rail links to all points of the compass, the Campus enjoys close links to the global innovation centre of Cambridge and the environmental cluster of Peterborough. It is an ideal location for businesses to make their future.

The scale of the Campus enables tailored solutions for a range of business types and sizes. It also offers a variety of locations, from being at the hub of the development next to shops and services, to being part of an inspirational streetscape with imposing entrances and dramatic landscaping, or being set apart in the landscape with space to grow.

The Campus provides space for Offices, Research & Development and Production:

● 615–3,772 sq ft (57.1–350.4 sq m) in The Incubator
● 5,000–500,000+ sq ft (464.5–46,451+ sq m) bespoke new builds
● Ready to go: a range of existing buildings at all scales which offer space on flexible terms.

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The Incubator

Flexible space for small and start up businesses.

Flexible space from 615–3,772 sq ft (57.1–350.4 sq m) for small and start-up businesses in this flagship building at the heart of Alconbury Enterprise Campus.

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Alconbury Weald newsletter - Spring 2013

Hello and welcome to our first community and partnership newsletter. We had a lot of positive feedback from people following the distribution of our Design Enquiry report last year and wanted to ensure we keep everyone informed about what we are doing and how you can get involved.

It’s been a busy few months as we start to transform the former airfield into Alconbury Weald. In this newsletter we hope to share our updates on the planning process, early delivery of the Enterprise Zone and to highlight some of the projects we’re involved with locally. We also want to use this regular newsletter to answer your questions about the project.

You can find out more information about the project at any time by looking at our website www.alconbury-weald.co.uk – which includes downloadable fact sheets on every aspect ofthe development. You can also always give us a call on 01480 413141 or e-mail rbritton@urbanandcivic.com to set up a meeting with us.


Please click here to download the Spring 2013 newsletter.

Alconbury Weald newsletter - Summer 2013

The second edition of our newsletter, which provides updates and information about the work of Urban&Civic and our partners as we progress the development of Alconbury Weald.

Please click on the link to access the Summer 2013 newsletter from Urban& Civic, highlighting the development of the Alconbury Enterprise Zone.

There is more information about the project on our website at www.alconbury-weald.co.uk, which has a library of downloadable fact sheets. Our Information Exchange (see back cover) is open each Wednesday in Huntingdon town centre so come and see us, or get in touch with me by email or phone (below).

I hope you enjoy the read!
Rebecca Britton

01480 413141

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