secondGO, University of Cambridge

secondGO is social start up that will offer an online platform for University students to exchange second-hand items while extending educational opportunities through scholarships. Our mission is to unlock the power of education by creating a second-hand item recycling system as a way to alleviate poverty, the main cause of blockage to this fundamental human right.

secondGO is a social enterprise by students for students. We aim to create a full cycle of educational empowerment whereby University students can use their second-hand items to fund scholarship opportunities for students who are unable to financially support their access to higher education. How does this work ? By creating a recycling system for second-hand items between leavers and incoming students (who are not able to meet physically) through an online platform and 'pick-up and drop-off' system - where profits from sales will be invested into a scholarship scheme enabling students to join Universities where secondGO acts. Leaving University students can themselves decide how much money they wish to donate or get back from their items and incoming students are able to save money on basic and much-needed items - all while unlocking educational opportunities through secondGO scholarships. 

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