Career Ambitions

Career Ambitions

Based in Cambridge, Career Ambitions has a strong reputation for enabling highly-trained and talented individuals to get through major career change, redundancy and/or indecision to realise their career potential and meet their ambitions.

Telephone: 01223 633 535
Address: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Country: United Kingdom

In addition to working with individuals to help them realise their career ambitions, we also offer extensive Outplacement support to companies when they are restructuring.  This support includes preparing individuals for internal interview processes as well as workshops and coaching to help employees prepare for the external job market. Increasingly, we work alongside businesses to coach under-performing employees and help them to achieve their full potential.

Our specific services include:

  • Career Management Coaching  - Determining the best career route for the individual
  • Confidence Coaching – Working alongside the individual to identify their key strengths and boost their confidence
  • Redundancy and Outplacement Support - Supporting individuals to manage change and prepare for a new career 
  • Career and Job Profiling – work with individuals to reveal their sub-conscious motivations to understand what career(s) they’re best suited to.
  • Online Career Ambitions Club - a unique Club containing a wealth of unique exercises to give its members the self-awareness, planning and expertise to achieve their true career potential.



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Career gaps – a plus or minus on candidates' CVs?

With the shortage of people to fill jobs, there’s never been a better time to reevaluate your recruitment strategy. 2018 is the year to question your biases. As an interviewer, are you trying to recruit someone like you?

16 March 2018Read in full

4 million UK jobs will soon be filled by robots: are organisations losing the ‘human touch’?

Robots already play a huge role in the UK workplace. But recent research predicts that over four million jobs will be lost to robots within the next 10 years – a statistic that will rock the job market.

26 January 2018Read in full

The world of work in 2018: an opportunity for change?

2017 has been a year full of change - from Brexit to significant leadership shifts and the resultant ever-fluctuating job market. With change comes opportunity - but what does that mean for the world of work in the year ahead?

13 December 2017Read in full

Preparing for recruitment events: are you ready to attract the best?

September was packed full of recruitment events, networking and job fairs. Katherine Wiid of Career Ambitions says: "What struck us was not the number of fantastic candidates, enthusiastic employers or tempting job opportunities. There were plenty of candidates, employers and job opportunities, but not many that really stood out."

19 October 2017Read in full

How to support your employees through redundancy

As Brexit approaches and brings with it an uncertain economic future, the headlines are full of high profile companies making redundancies.

21 September 2017Read in full

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How LinkedIn can help to provide a 360° view of candidates

Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly turning to social media channels to vet candidates. Space on a CV is limited, and with just six seconds to check each one, how much can they really reveal about a potential candidate?

17 August 2017Read in full

40% of candidates 'fall into' a job they’re not suited to

Hiring is never a simple (or easy) process. How do you spot the candidates with real potential, rather than the candidates with really good sales skills?

24 July 2017Read in full


Recruiters spend just 6 seconds looking at each CV they receive

Is your CV making a lasting first impression? Research has found that recruiters and hiring managers spend on average just six seconds looking at each CV they receive. That’s very little time for a candidate to impress!

12 June 2017Read in full

The digital face of recruitment: 94% of recruiters vet candidates on LinkedIn before hiring

With over 467 million users around the world, LinkedIn continues to gather steam in the world of recruitment.

30 March 2017Read in full


Neurotypical v neurodiverse behaviours: creating diversity in the workplace

Recruiters have long been encouraged to embrace a diverse workplace, and hurrah, most are listening! Having a workforce made up of employees from all cultures, religions, ethnicities, ages and genders allows for a more diverse pool of skills, knowledge and experience – it’s a no brainer ...

8 March 2017Read in full

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