Blacktrace Holdings

Blacktrace Holdings

Blacktrace is committed to helping our clients achieve business success. Our mission is to create business success for our company, our clients and our partners by developing and manufacturing elegant solutions in technology.

Address: Unit 1 Anglian Business Park, Orchard Road, Royston
Postcode: SG8 5TW
Country: United Kingdom
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Blacktrace Group designs, develops and manufactures cutting-edge technologies and products for many applications in chemistry, microfluidics, biology and nanomaterial sciences.

We are driven by Productizing Science® – turning scientific discoveries into cutting-edge commercial products. Our success stems from world-class innovation and continuous development of new products and technologies.

We employ a large team of world-class scientists and engineers, have state-of-the art testing and manufacturing facilities, and a broad knowledge of scientific markets. We are passionate about innovation and creating cool superior products which make a real difference to advancing science.  We aim to deliver excellence in everything we do.

Our Brands

Our porfolio of products is marketed and sold globally via market-leading brands: 

  • Syrris develops the most advanced batch and continuous flow chemistry technologies for R&D Chemists around the world.
  • Dolomite creates the coolest and most innovative microfluidic products. We have just released the worlds first commercially available 3D printer for fluidically sealed devices – an R&D 100 Award Winner 2016!
  • Glass Solutions offers extremely high precision glass fabrication using excellence in glass blowing and microfabrication. 
  • Particle Works creates high-performance nano- and microstructured materials with precision control over particle size, shape and architecture. 
  • Dolomite Bio creates innovative products for high throughput single cell research, enabling rapid analysis of thousands or millions of individual cells and their biological products.

We have offices in the USA, Japan, India and Brasil and over 40 distributors worldwide offering technical assistance and support.

Since forming in 2001, the Blacktrace group has grown year on year and now has many thousands of customers in over 50 countries. Our customers include all the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, a wide range of major academic institutes, biotechs, start-ups, petrochemical companies, food and manufacturers, government institutes and virtually any company or organisation that involves science.

Idea to vision

Idea to vision

Let us help make technology work for you

Particle Works'  high performance quantum dots

Particle Works creates range of high performance quantum dots

Particle Works – the nano- and microparticle materials specialist – has developed a range of high quality quantum dots for use in diagnostic, biomedical and optoelectronic applications.

22 February 2017Read in full

High quality nano- and microparticle materials

Particle Works offers extensive portfolio of high quality nano- and microparticle materials

Combining state-of-the-art facilities with precision manufacturing expertise, Particle Works – a Blacktrace Holdings brand – can offer a wide range of bespoke services, including high throughput material discovery, process optimization and synthesis scale-up.

8 February 2017Read in full

Particle Works offers bespoke microencapsulation for drug development

Particle Works offers bespoke microencapsulation for drug development

Particle Works – the nano- and microstructured material specialist – provides microencapsulation services for drug development applications, including controlled drug release, solubility enhancement or targeted drug delivery.

12 October 2016Read in full

Titan continuous processing scale-up system

Syrris previews Titan continuous processing scale-up system at P-MEC

Syrris, a world leader in chemistry process innovation, is previewing its revolutionary Titan system at P-MEC in Barcelona, Spain, from 4 to 6 October.

22 September 2016Read in full

magnetic nanoparticles

Particle Works launches range of high quality magnetic nanoparticles

Particle Works – the nano- and microstructured material specialist – has developed magnetic nanoparticles offering superior performance and physical characteristics.

5 September 2016Read in full

Blacktrace anniversary company photo

Syrris marks 15 years of chemistry innovation

Syrris – a Blacktrace Holdings brand – is celebrating 15 years of creating pioneering chemistry solutions.

24 August 2016Read in full

Atlas HD Duo front view

Syrris introduces fully automated synthesis

Syrris, a world leader in chemistry product innovation, is launching the Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor system at the upcoming American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia.

19 August 2016Read in full

Syrris creates Orb Pilot for effortless reaction scale-up

Syrris, a world leader in chemistry product innovation, is previewing its Orb Pilot jacketed reactor at the 252nd American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition.

11 August 2016Read in full

Dolomite lends a helping hand to synthetic biology research

Dolomite microfluidic chips are helping researchers from the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University (ASU) to develop novel enzymes capable of polymerising synthetic nucleotides.

29 July 2016Read in full

RNA Seq with a bead 85um

Blacktrace focuses on biology with the launch of Dolomite Bio

Blacktrace Holdings Limited, a leading group of companies focused on Productizing Science®, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest brand, Dolomite Bio.

20 July 2016Read in full

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