Ginibee Ltd

Ginibee Ltd

Ginibee helps employers to improve diversity, retention and talent attraction through Jobsharing. Our Jobshare platform and support services, improves the accessibility of Jobshare opportunities for companies and candidates, without increasing cost. Making Jobsharing easy.

Telephone: 0330 332 6277
Address: Lilac Cottage, Crown Walk, St Ives
Postcode: PE27 5QN
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Balancing a career with life outside of work is a constant juggling act.  If you are looking to achieve a better work life balance, in a role that can't be scaled down to part-time, why not consider a Jobshare?


If you're recruiting, why not open up full-time roles to applications from Jobshare partnerships and access a pool of Jobsharers on our dedicated platform.  Or perhaps you need to create a partnership for an existing employee who needs to reduce their hours. 


Ginibee offers matching, profiling and partnership creation for full and part Jobshare vacancies.  We use our dedicated platform to empower Jobsharers, if you would like to know more please get in touch with