Eastyoke Projects

Eastyoke Projects

We provide management talent on an 'as required' basis. We are highly skilled interim managers and project managers, good with people, organisations and technologies. We’ve been around the block and know how to get things done. Talent on tap!

Address: Sycamore House, 21 Tunwells Lane, Great Shelford
Postcode: CB22 5LJ
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.eastyoke.com
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Have you ever wished for an independent, highly experienced manager to come and take responsibility for that urgent, business-critical task? A professional who would be:

  • loyal to you and your objectives
  • single-minded about the job in hand
  • and with no corporate baggage to slow things down?

Well that’s what we do. We provide management talent on an as required basis.

We can make a quick start – you can expect quick returns.

It’s not about consultancy . . .
. . . it’s about delivery
. . . making sure things get done



Eastyoke can help you to set up - and run - a Project Management Office

Interim Management

We supply management talent on an 'as needed' basis

Project management for technology development

We supply project management expertise for product and systems development.

two men on one bike going in opposite directions

Too many blokes?

Eastyoke Projects cites an interesting piece in The Economist, highlighting the importance of having a mixed sex team...

20 August 2018Read in full


Embrace the immovable deadline

If only all projects had immovable deadlines. Some project managers fear them and seem to welcome endless change requests as a means of excusing overruns and explaining away slippage. We should embrace immovable deadlines. They focus the mind, motivate the team and bring an urgency and sense of purpose to the tricky business of haggling over spec changes and feature enhancements.

19 March 2015Read in full

vaccination syringe

What have vaccinations got to do with Project Management?

Project Managers, while leading from the front in a logical, professional fashion, often fail to take into account the messy reality of dealing with human beings - people who may have deeply felt personal, cultural, religious, philosophical or just downright cussed reasons for not behaving as you might expect.

26 February 2015Read in full