Analytik Ltd

Analytik Ltd

Analytik are leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland, including portable and handheld spectroscopy, spectral imaging, light measurement, nanotechnology, biotechnology, polarimetry and refractometry.

Telephone: 01954 232 776
Address: Barn B, 2 Cygnus Business Park, Middle Watch, Swavesey
Postcode: CB24 4AA
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

For over 10 years we have been providing cutting-edge solutions from global technology manufacturers. We work with academic institutions, research labs, industrial and manufacturing process control organisations and blue chip multi-national companies.

We pride ourselves on offering an added value through specialised expertise in food industry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, chemical research, heritage, remote sensing, mining and mineralogy, nanotechnology, lighting industry. After careful analysis of the existing situation and preferred outcome, various proposals on different techniques, instruments and accessories can be put together by an applications scientist and sales engineer. Comprehensive installation, training and post sales support is also integral to our business.

Key Partners include:

  • Analytical Spectral Devices Inc. (part of PANalytical company) – Portable and benchtop, high performance VIS/NIR spectrometers and spectroradiometers
  • Sentronic - Handheld NIR spectrometers
  • Agilent Technologies – Portable and benchtop, high performance FTIR spectrometers and spectrophotometers
  • SciAps – Handheld and benchtop, high performance Raman, LIBS and XRF spectrometers
  • EKO Instruments - High performance solar radiation spectroradiometers
  • Si-Ware Systems - OEM NIR spectrometers
  • Nanophoton - High performance Raman spectrometers 
  • CPS Instruments – Ultra high resolution nanoparticle size analyser
  • Particle Metrix - Nanoparticle size / zeta potential analysers
  • Microfluidics (Part of IDEX Group) - Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors
  • Videometer A/S – Multispectral imaging lab analyser
  • Headwall Photonics - Hyperspectal imaging systems
  • GeSiM - Non-contact piezoelectric nanolitre dispensing and micropipetting systems and 3D printing technology
  • Schmidt + Haensch – Digital, high performance polarimeters and refractometers. 
  • GL Optic – Handheld and laboratory-based light measurement and LED testing spectroradiometers.
  • Avian Technologies - Calibration standards, coatings, targets and spheres
  • Quantum Northwest - Peltier-controlled cuvette holders


Analytik are exclusive distributors of Schmidt+Haensch refractometers in the UK & Ireland.

Multispectral Imaging

Multispectral Imaging

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of Videometer’s multispectral imaging systems for accurate measurement of surface colour, texture, shape, size and chemical composition.

Calibration Standards, Coatings, Targets and Spheres

Calibration Standards, Coatings, Targets and Spheres

Analytik delivers a comprehensive range of diffuse reflectance standards, coatings, targets and integrating spheres to the UK and Ireland from Avian Technologies.

High-Pressure Homogenisers

High-Pressure Homogenisers

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of Microfluidics’ market leading Microfluidizer® high pressure homogenisers



Analytik are exclusive distributors of Schmidt+Haensch polarimeters in the UK & Ireland.

Bioscaffolder 3D Printer

Bioscaffolder 3D Printer

Analytik are exclusive UK & Ireland distributors of the BioScaffolder 3.1 from GeSIm for tissue engineering and tissue regeneration.

Light Measurement & Testing

Light Measurement & Testing

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of GL Optic’s handheld and laboratory-based spectroradiometers and related products, for precise light measurement and LED testing.

Raman Microscopy

Raman Microscopy

Analytik are exclusive distributors of Nanophoton Raman microscopes in the UK and Ireland.

Nanoparticle Size/ Zeta Potential Analysers

Nanoparticle Size/ Zeta Potential Analysers

Analytik are leading suppliers of ultra high resolution particle size analysers and nanoparticle size/zeta potential analysis systems to the UK and Ireland.

Hyperspectral  Imaging

Hyperspectral Imaging

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of Headwall Photonics’ market leading imaging spectrometers and spectral instrumentation.



Analytik are exclusive UK & Ireland distributors for a number of global spectroscopy instrument manufacturers, including Agilent, ASD, Sci-Aps, NeoSpectra and EKO Instruments.

Join Analytik & GL Optic at LuxLive 2017

Join Analytik & GL Optic at LuxLive 2017

Analytik, in conjunction with partners GL Optic, will be exhibiting at LuxLive 2017, ExCel London.

8 November 2017Read in full

The Microfluidizer LM20 is ideal for cell disruption

Nuclera Nucleics chooses Microfluidizer high-pressure homogenizer for cell disruption

Cambridge startup Nuclera Nucleics has taken delivery of a Microfluidizer LM20 as part of its expansion and move to a new location at the Cambridge Science Park.

6 November 2017Read in full

The Geotek MSCL, which incorporates an ASD NIR from Analytik

Analytik supplies near-infrared spectroscopy solutions for unique geological analysis tool

Geotek, specialists in high-resolution, non-destructive analysis of geological cores, continue their relationship with Analytik Ltd by purchasing an ASD TerraSpec portable mineral spectrometer for integration in the Geotek Multi-Sensor Core-Logger (MSCL).

31 October 2017Read in full

Jonathan Cloutier using the TerraSpec Halo from Analytik

Hyperspectral imagery in action at the University of St Andrews

Hyperspectral imagery in action: The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of St Andrews chooses a TerraSpec Halo from Analytik.

27 October 2017Read in full

Join Analytik at Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Europe

Join Analytik at Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Europe

Analytik are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Europe.

2 October 2017Read in full

The Particle Metrix ZetaView from Analytik

The Particle Metrix ZetaView proves popular with UK universities

2017 looks set to be the year of the ZetaView. According to product specialist Adam Hilless, the instrument is proving popular with universities across the UK. “With exosomes, extracellular vesicles and zeta potential hot topics in research, we have seen strong interest in the ZetaView, exceeding all expectations.”

24 August 2017Read in full

M815 pilot scale microfluidizer

Microfluidics launches new M815 pilot scale microfluidizer

Microfluidics, leading manufacturer of high-pressure homogenizers and Analytik partner, recently launched a pilot scale device, the M815 Biopharma Microfluidizer.

15 August 2017Read in full

Nanophoton’s TERSsense RAMAN scattering microscope

Analytik chosen as exclusive distributors for Nanophoton Corporation

Analytik, leading supplier of innovative analytical instrumentation, is pleased to announce its appointment as exclusive distributor for Nanophoton Corporation, Japanese manufacturers of innovative, benchtop Raman imaging systems for both industrial and research laboratories.

9 August 2017Read in full

Analytik’s MD and Office Manager congratulate Matthew

Analytik congratulate their apprentice on completion of Business Administration Course

Analytik reports on completion of business administration apprenticeship provided by The College of Animal Welfare, Godmanchester.

3 April 2017Read in full

IfM Course Director and students with Analytik’s team members

Analytik continues to collaborate on excellent marketing projects with students at IfM

Analytik reports on the student projects investigating various industries for the OEM NIR spectroscopy and nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) applications.

16 March 2017Read in full

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Formed in 2003, Analytik are specialised consultants and distributors of unique, niche analytical and scientific instrumentation...

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