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Country: United Kingdom
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We offer publication, presentation and conference management, and have worked with corporate clients, such as:



Cambridge University



Dixons Retail

The Home Office

hub by Premier Inn



Costa Coffee

Surrey Police


Cafe Rouge

Premier Inn


Smart Training

Balfour Beatty

Standard Chartered Bank

'Creative Solutions - Beautiful design put into practice'

Creative Review: Lawyers and designers helping police with their

Lawyers and designers help police with their inquiries​​​

We rely on the police to uphold the rule of law, but what about the laws governing the police themselves? When the procedures change, it’s vital that everyone understands the new structure. Creative Solutions was proud to assist top chambers 5 Essex Court in making sure they can apply the regulations with confidence.

14 March 2018Read in full

Creative Review: An 800-year legacy for the computer age​​

An 800-year legacy for the computer age​​

Creative Solutions is accustomed to long-established clients — but this usually means a hundred years or so. That made it a unique experience to work with an institution that’s not only world famous, but was founded in 1209.

31 January 2018Read in full

Creative Review: Get creative for quality student communities​​​

Get creative for quality student communities​​​

There are more students around the world than ever before, and there’s one thing all students need. No, not a bar — accommodation. Traditionally, student accommodation has consisted of grotty rentals or shared rooms on campus, but that’s changing. GSA Coral is changing the way accommodation is provided for students, raising people’s expectations about service and quality.

23 January 2018Read in full

Personalised food, perhaps?

Customisation — the next revolution in design​​​

Unless we’re super-rich, we’re used to the idea that we wear clothes the manufacturers choose to make — usually with their logo on, so we’re walking around advertising their brand like some kind of sandwich board. But this is the age of the customer, and all that seems to be changing, says Jeremy Rose of Creative Solutions.

17 January 2018Read in full

Creative Review: Cappuccino, Latte & the Transformation Mindset

Cappuccino, latte and the transformation mindset

How much work goes into producing your cup of coffee? It’s not just the barista’s well-practised routine, or even the unseen efforts of the coffee producers. It takes a vast amount of work behind the scenes to produce great coffee as effortlessly as Costa does.​

15 January 2018Read in full

Creative Review - When your mind’s young and your body isn’t

When your mind’s young and your body isn’t — you need Spring Chicken​​

What does it mean when your mind insists you’re still in your twenties and your body says, “Yeah, you wish!”? Easy — it means you need Spring Chicken.​

5 January 2018Read in full

The WORTH Partnership Project

A design marriage made in heaven​​

Designers and technology experts aren’t the most obvious bedfellows, but they’re often both essential to create the beautifully made we all value. A new initiative is offering to help them create marriages made in heaven — and not a shotgun in sight.​

21 December 2017Read in full

Carver Barracks is an important part of our community

Creative Solutions supports the heroes

If there’s one section of the British Army that’s universally admired, it’s the bomb disposal units — the men and women who risk their lives to protect civilians from land-mines and other unexploded ordinance. It’s an honour for Creative Solutions to have the chance to support them.

13 December 2017Read in full

Creative Solutions: Going back to school for our businesses​

Going back to school for our businesses​

Education? No, surely we’ve all had enough of school, haven’t we? We’re out in the real world of business now. It’s not quite as simple as that, though. Business and education need one another, and two events coming up in the New Year make the most of that — from opposite ends of the academic world.

12 December 2017Read in full

Creative Review: Getting on by getting online

Getting on by getting online

We don’t hand in either our need or ability to learn when we walk out of school or college for the last time. Getting a job is a whole new chapter in our education — and an employer who doesn’t recognise the need of their workers to continue learning is not going to get the best out of them.

5 December 2017Read in full

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