Agri-Tech East

Agri-Tech East

Agri-Tech East is an independent business-focused cluster organisation for the East of England. It is creating a global innovation hub, to improve the international competitiveness of plant and crop-based agriculture and catalyse economic growth.

Address: The Entreprenuership Centre, Hauser Forum, Cambridge
Postcode: CB30GT
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Agri-Tech East is bringing together farmers and growers with scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs to create an innovation hub that will focus on activities where improvements in crop production, agronomy and technology can influence yields, and on-farm efficiency.

To increase food production on existing farmland while minimising pressure on the environment, we need new thinking and this is driving a new agricultural revolution.

The East of England is ideally positioned to pioneer agricultural innovation. It has:

  • Concentration of world-class R&D in agriculture, horticulture and plant science
  • Prime agricultural land – the most profitable and productive in the UK
  • Innovative large-scale growers/processers
  • Funding initiatives from local and national government
  • Expertise in high technology and advanced engineering

Agri-Tech East is an independent business-focussed cluster organisation, created to catalyse economic growth through improving the international competitiveness of plant and crop-based agriculture. It brings together the world-leading research, development and agricultural production across eastern England, and supports the translation and adoption of new innovations across a range of disciplines (including bioscience, ICT and engineering).

The priority is to improve production in the UK and globally, helping meet the challenges of food and nutritional security, adaptation to climate change, and managing limited natural resources.

Agri-Tech East is the UK's first agri-tech cluster organisation. It contains the business and research power-houses of Cambridge and Norwich, and is home to highly innovative growers who manage much of the UK's most productive and profitable agricultural land.

For more information about Cambridge Network please see our own Directory page.

 ‘Agri-Tech Week’ logo

Agri-Tech Week 2017 focuses on a profitable and sustainable future

AHDB, NIAB, University of Lincoln, RNAA and Agri-Tech East present the latest in thinking in agri-tech from 6-10 November.

17 October 2017Read in full

The farming model is broken but the future starts here

The farming model is broken but the future starts here

Agri-Tech East launches report From grass roots to blue skies: a vision for agri-tech.

20 September 2017Read in full

Richard Anscombe, CEO of Fram Farmers

Fram Farmers CEO is new chair of Agri-Tech East Stakeholder Group

Agri-Tech East's Stakeholder Group has a new chair in Richard Anscombe, Chief Executive of Fram Farmers.

4 September 2017Read in full

Stephen Temple's AD plant at JF Temple & Son

Agri-Tech East farmers optimise use of anaerobic digestate

Agri-Tech East is leading a group of farmers in an 'Innovative Farmers' field lab, using high tech tools to measure the impact of digestate.

4 August 2017Read in full

Jonathan Tole, CEO of Soil-for-life

Soil and water smart tech at Agri-Tech East & Smart-AKIS event

The practical aspects of adopting and improving technologies for soil and water management will be discussed at a workshop held by Agri-Tech East and Smart-AKIS on Thursday 14th September.

3 August 2017Read in full

Erosion proof farming (C: Brian Fischer, ashmorewhitesuffolks)

Back to the future for sustainable farming at REAP 2017

Marks & Spencer, John Deere and an award-winning Argentinian farmer will discuss the merging of tradition and innovation at Agri-Tech East's REAP 2017 Conference in November.

20 July 2017Read in full

Environment Secretary Michael Gove meets Dr Belinda Clarke

Environment Secretary explores future of farming at Royal Norfolk Show

The Internet of cows, capturing big data to help farmers benchmark performance, creating antibiotics from fruit waste - there was a wealth of agri-tech to show Environment Secretary Michael Gove when he visited the Innovation Hub at the Royal Norfolk Show this week.

28 June 2017Read in full

GROW 17 winners, speakers and judges

Winners announced for GROW agri-tech competition

Farming Data, a mobile trading platform that could lift subsistence farmers out of poverty, is the winner of GROW, the UK’s only agri-tech business plan competition, established by Agri-Tech East to stimulate entrepreneurship in the industry.

27 June 2017Read in full

Robert Alston, Chairman of AF Finance Ltd

Where would you put your money? Punters' choice for agri-entrepreneurs

Early-stage agri-entrepreneurs will be pitching to a judges' panel and voting audience at Agri-Tech East’s prestigious GROW business plan competition on Monday 19 June.

18 May 2017Read in full

Monitoring water and the impact on the environment (Salle Farms)

Farmers can help to protect the River Wensum

The Royal Norfolk Show's Innovation Hub - an initiative led by Agri-Tech East and the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA) - features an interactive water analysis laboratory demo at the event next month.

15 May 2017Read in full

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Agri-Tech East REAP Conference 2017

7 Nov 2017Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre, Hinxton, CB10 1RQ

Soil tillage has led to soil erosion at rates that threaten sustainable food supply. As a result farming practices that work with nature are gaining momentum.

But for the whole value chain to embrace this challenge we need a dialogue based on good science, relevant metrics and consistent standards.

At REAP we are looking at how today’s best practice is being enhanced by emerging agri-tech.

Early adopters share their experiences from the field, regulators outline future strategy, and researchers and technologists provide insights into emerging agri-tech developments.