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Martin-Redman Partners

Martin-Redman Partners is the Financial Advice and Wealth Management arm of the Martin-Redman Group we specialise in creating innovative Financial Planning Support Services for companies and individuals.

Telephone: 01223 792 196
Address: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
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Martin-Redman Partners LLP is an innovative financial planning support business for smaller corporates and individuals. 

We combine the design and development of unique product solutions with sound rational common sense to enhance the understanding of complex financial issues, which we believe leads to a more fulfilling experience for you and your staff. 

We embrace technology to help inform and empower, enabling absolute transparency, giving you clarity in achieving your life aspirations.

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The current state of long-term care funding

The politicians are treating long-term care costs as a “solved” problem following the Dilnot Report and the Care Act 2014. Unfortunately, the headline measure, a cap on care costs of £72,000, (at 2016 prices), was kicked along to April 2020, so we have entered into a period of muddle and half-cut solutions, says Martin- Redman Partners.

23 May 2016Read in full

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Pension income choices: final salary schemes

The last article covered the pension income choices offered by defined contribution, (also know as money purchase schemes), which embraces all of the choices offered by Pension Freedoms from April last year.

6 February 2016Read in full

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Pension income choices: post Pension Freedoms

Pension Freedoms has made a dramatic change to the options at retirement, so now is a good time to review the options.

5 February 2016Read in full

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Business protection in a nutshell: planning for the worst

Businesses and the owner/managers of businesses should makes themselves aware of the consequences of various unfortunate events happening and have measures in place to minimise the effect. The death or incapacity of directors or key members of staff can be mitigated, at least in part by the provision of life insurance before the event.

16 October 2015Read in full

Being taken for a mug and other stories

Being taken for a mug and other stories

Martin-Redman Partners writes - I have just had a reminder that utilities companies are happy to take loyal customers “for a ride”, as a little shopping around has secured a 30% reduction in energy bills and a significant reduction in the monthly “budget” price of energy throughout the year.

11 September 2015Read in full

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Tax avoidance for the law-abiding middle classes

At present there is much noise and fury about fat cats and foreign corporates avoiding tax. The law in the UK is unusual in Europe as legislation defines what is illegal and any activity not mentioned specifically is, by default, legal.

20 August 2015Read in full

Pensions, lifetime allowance and joined-up government

Pensions, lifetime allowance and joined-up government

Unless you are actively involved in the financial services field it is unlikely that you are aware that our political masters have decided that it is not enough to restrict the amount you can pay into a pension scheme year by year, but that your total accumulated funds are restricted as well. This restriction, the Lifetime Allowance, is being reduced from £1.25Million to £1Million in April 2016.

12 August 2015Read in full

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Active versus passive investment portfolios

Outside of the world of financial services there does not seem to be a personality cult for the investment manager, but Neil Woodford could be an exception. However, even the best of the active managers have a digital competitor that in right market conditions can and often has out-performed the recognised stars.

10 August 2015Read in full

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Danger for passive, prospective pensioners!

Pension Freedoms and the almost complete demise of final salary or defined benefit pensions in the private sector have massively increased the dangers of lousy pension outcomes for people not actively reviewing their pension choices.

16 July 2015Read in full

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The Pension Freedom experience

In the last week or so, the press has been making a fuss about how the Pension Freedoms are actually panning out. To put this in context, George Osborne has confirmed in Parliament that some 60,000 savers have withdrawn about £1Billion from their pension pots since April.

13 July 2015Read in full

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