Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives)

Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives)

Activ8rlives has abroad suite of digital healthcare solutions for long-term Respiratory, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Cancer and weight management.

Address: Suite 5, LDH House, St Ives Business Park, Parsons Green, St Ives
Postcode: PE27 4AA
Country: United Kingdom

Aseptika Limited (founded 2007) is a healthcare company developing and marketing a suite of self-monitoring devices and services under the Activ8rlives brand. 
Aseptika Ltd was acquired by Spirit Healthcare as a subsidiary (October 2016) and now has the broadest suites of digital healthcare solutions supporting long-term Respiratory, Diabetes, Cardiovascular conditions for patients at home. Solutions are focused around matching patient needs/stratification to most appropriate solution.
• Low Risk Patients – Arm’s Length intervention (apps/monitors to promote education and lifestyle change - prevention) 
• Rising Risk Patients - Bridging solutions with irregular but scheduled intervention (self-monitoring vital signs data sharing to delay rate of disease progression) 
• High Risk Patients - Closely Monitored (intensive clinical support monitoring @home).

Activ8rlives Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Contactless thermometer measuring body, room & surface temperatures

Active8rlives BuddyStep Counter Sports Package

Works out the distance you have walked and calculates calories used

Activ8rlives Health and Wellbeing Tracking system for iPhone, iPad and Select Android

Activ8rlives Health and Wellbeing Tracking system for iPhone, iPad and Select Android

Wireless health and wellbeing tracking system, syncs to smart phone/tablet
•BuddyBand Bluetooth 4.0 Activity Tracker wristband, including Black, Blue and Pink interchangeable wristband
•Body Analyser Bluetooth 4.0 upload to Activ8rlives App, Measure weight, BMI, Visceral fat, %Fat and Muscle.
•For iOS 7.1 and above and select Android

Activ8rlives Pulse Oximeter Bluetooth 4.0

Activ8rlives Pulse Oximeter Bluetooth 4.0

Non-invasive measure of oxygen saturation of blood & pulse rate through index finger
•Simple device to track your pulmonary & cardiovascular function
•Requires Bluetooth 4.0 Smartphone/Tablet (iPhone 4s or above, iPad 3 or above & select Android 4.3 or above)
•Free Smartphone App (iOS 7 and Android 4.3)
•Fully complies with EU privacy laws

Activ8rlives Smart Scales Body Analyser Bluetooth 4.0

Activ8rlives Smart Scales Body Analyser Bluetooth 4.0

Accurately measures: weight, BMI, Visceral fat, Body fat, Bone and Muscle Mass.
•Simple - no programming of smart scales required. Just open up the Free App & stand on to measure
•Requires Bluetooth 4.0 Smartphone/Tablet ( iOS devices 7.1 or above select Android 4.3 or above
•Free Smartphone App (iOS 7 and select Android 4.3)

Activ8rlives Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth 4.0

Measures systolic & diastolyic blood pressure, pulse rate and detects irregular heartbeat.
•Upper arm measurement for accuracy
•Single integrated unit with wireless Bluetooth 4.0 - no programming required.
•Automatically uploads to FREE Activ8rlives Smartphone App (iOS 7.1 or later or Android 4.3 or later on select Android devices).

Activ8rlives BuddyBand Activity Tracker

Activ8rlives BuddyBand Activity Tracker

Records steps, calories burned and workout sessions
Check your progress throughout the day with FREE smartphone App
Looks like a modern watch
Interchangeable wristbands, back, blue and pink
Compatible with iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, iPad 3/4 mini and Samsung Galaxy S4/S4 Mini/S5

Activ8rlives provides self-care solutions

Aseptika and Zenzium win Innovate UK funding to build AI into apps and medical wearables

Aseptika and Zenzium, Ltd., have been awarded a grant from the UK’s innovation agency to develop a new home-based early warning system for people with severe respiratory disease. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will automatically analyse and learn from data generated by the patient at home, using easy-to-use medical monitors and wearables, which connect to Aseptika’s Activ8rlives App.

13 March 2018Read in full

Dame Esther Rantzen awarding Susan Moore from HCCN.

Hunts Community Cancer Network recognised for making a difference to patients

Susan Moore, who co-founded Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN) Charity as a cancer patient in Huntingdon, along with the then lead nurse Gini Melesi, was acknowledged for her role in “Making a Difference” to the people of Huntingdon who are living with and beyond cancer.

11 December 2017Read in full

Active+ is evidence-based exercise class, support & education

Active+ low-cost, community-based rehabilitation and patient activation programme launched

Aseptika Ltd, Huntingdon announces the Active+ TM community-based, life-long rehabilitation and support programme, will be showcased in preparation for wide-spread adoption, at the Eastern AHSN Embracing Self-care event in Newmarket today.

16 November 2017Read in full

Activ8rlives BuddyBand2/ Alison Crane

Activity can reduce the risk of cancer

One in three of us in the UK will develop cancer at some point in our lives.(1)

4 August 2017Read in full

Digital pioneers pave the way for future NHS

The Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN) has announced eight Digital Champions in the East of England Region as part of the launch of the National Co-Production Week 2017, celebrating collaboratively produced initiatives.

12 July 2017Read in full

Easy as 1-2-3: self-care technology provider launches new wireless blood pressure monitors

Self-Care medical technology provider launches two new wireless blood pressure monitors for home-use as part of the Activ8rlives range.

10 July 2017Read in full

HCCN logo

Huntingdon cancer charity launches new ‘Get Active’ health initiative

Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN), a local Huntingdon charity supporting cancer patients, has launched a new health initiative supporting patients to remain active during and after cancer treatment.

12 October 2016Read in full

Spirit acquires leading medical wearable technology developer Aseptika

Spirit INT (Leicester, UK), the parent company of refreshing British healthcare provider Spirit Healthcare, is further expanding its offer to patients and healthcare professionals through the acquisition of healthcare technology developer Aseptika, a pioneer in the medical wearable and self-care technology sectors.

10 October 2016Read in full

One hour of moderate activity is needed to offset the harmful effects of sitting at a desk

Some of the most compelling research has just been published in The Lancet, indicating that the risk of premature death increases among desk-based workers who sit for eight hours a day and do low amounts of exercise.

1 August 2016Read in full

SmartOne Peak Flow and FEV1

Activ8rlives adds SmartOne Peak Flow and FEV1 Wireless Meter to health monitoring solution

The Activ8rlives SmartOne® Peak Flow and FEV1 Meter extends the range of Bluetooth Smart devices, allowing individuals to monitor their lung function from home and send their data via the Activ8rlives Health Monitoring and Food Diary App (iOS and Android) to the new Activ8rlives 3.0 online healthcare solution, compliant with the NHS Information Governance ToolKit as a Self-Care tool for patient-generated data.

8 June 2016Read in full

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