Case Study: Healthcare Co.

The only thing more complicated than the human body? The healthcare industry created to look after it. If an innovative medical treatment or potential life-saving drug can’t penetrate the rapidly evolving therapeutic and healthcare markets, it will benefit no one.

Healthcare Co. is a professional advisory company of research and industry professionals from a wide breadth of healthcare sectors who guide clients like healthcare startups, patient groups, NGOs, biotech firms and pharmaceutical companies through the complexities of industry regulations, market trends and research and development opportunities. Whether a client is contemplating entering a new market, dealing with a patent expiration, or developing a new drug, Healthcare Co. provides the in-depth information and analysis they need to support strategic business decisions.

Over 90% of Healthcare Co.’s clients are based in the US and the majority of its revenue is in USD. In order to cover business costs, the Cambridge based company must first convert its revenue into GBP, leaving it at the mercy of fluctuating exchange rates.

“Given that the majority of our revenue comes in as USD, it’s vital we don’t lose out with poor exchange rates before we start covering business costs.” says Healthcare Co. CEO “The transparency of the Money Mover platform allows us to be sure we aren’t paying any hidden fees or getting widened out with an ever increasing exchange rate spread.”

After struggling to find an international payment and foreign exchange provider that wasn’t either exorbitantly expensive or needlessly complicated, Healthcare Co. came across Money Mover. The FinTech company offered a simple solution and significant savings, dramatically reducing Healthcare Co.’s costs in both time and money. They now use Money Mover regularly for all their payments and appreciate the support they receive.

“I know that there is always someone at the end of the phone who will solve problems or answer requests in hours and not days.”

This kind of focused client support is one of Money Mover’s core objectives. “By giving full and upfront information about all the parameters of a transaction, including the all-inclusive cost, Money Mover helps SMEs free up capital set aside to cover uncertainty, and ultimately help them expand their businesses, employ more people, and deliver greater value to the economy,” says Hamish Anderson, Money Mover CEO. Like Healthcare Co. does with its clients, Money Mover works to empower SMEs to make informed decisions - because whether it’s the healthcare industry or the financial industry, a fully informed client is always the most valuable currency.


Money Mover

Money Mover is a feature-rich online global payments platform that provides a a secure and low cost way for small/medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to make their international payments.

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