Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge

Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge

The Centre for Business Research is an interdisciplinary research centre based at the University of Cambridge, which undertakes rigorous studies of enterprise, innovation and corporate governance.

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 765 320
Address: Cambridge Judge Business School, Trumpington Street, Cambridge
Postcode: CB2 1AG
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.cbr.cam.ac.uk
Membership type:Cambridge University Department

It brings together researchers in engineering, economics, geography, sociology, law and management studies, and aims to develop recommendations of practical relevance to both companies and government.

R&D contracts for customers the key to successful hi-tech start-ups

UK Government innovation policy should be refocused to reflect the crucial role played by customers in stimulating and funding the development of new hi-tech companies, claims a major new report on the Cambridge hi-tech cluster.

15 February 2010Read in full

Cambridge co-hosts new research centre to give UK the innovation advantage

Cambridge co-hosts new research centre to give UK the innovation advantage

The Centre for Business Research at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and Imperial College Business School are setting up a new collaborative venture – the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK IRC).

5 December 2008Read in full

Survey aims to capture ‘hidden’ R&D that goes unrecorded in official statistics

A team of researchers at Cambridge University’s Centre for Business Research (CBR) is aiming to document and quantify how much ‘hidden’ R&D takes place in the region - for example in the form of bespoke contracts for individual customers. To this end, science and technology companies in the East of England are invited to take part in a survey.

11 July 2008Read in full

Persuading the public to tolerate more risk: the challenge for regulation

How do we regulate emerging technologies like nanotechnology when scare stories have convinced many people that the risks are greater than the potential benefits? Could the public be persuaded to accept lighter regulation of medicines so drugs could be licensed earlier, with less testing, to the potential benefit of people with serious illnesses?

5 September 2007Read in full

New research shows changes to the law will stimulate demand for Venture Capital

Changes to personal bankruptcy law that came into force this month (April) are likely to help stimulate a demand for venture capital by entrepreneurial UK firms, two leading academics have found.

29 April 2004Read in full

Skills shortages hit Eastern Region firms

The lack of specialist management and marketing skills is affecting the ability of smaller high-tech firms in the Eastern Region to grow and innovate, a new survey says.

16 June 2003Read in full

Britain's smaller companies wish for lower tax rates, less regulation - and fewer politici...

If given a magic wand, and allowed to wish for one policy change that would help them most, a third of the owners of Britain's smaller firms would ask for a reduction in tax and national insurance rates.

27 May 2003Read in full

Business Ethics Conference to debate bribery, child labour and the campaign against GM foo...

The use of child labour in the Third World, the companies that pay bribes to win business, and the huge controversy over the introduction of genetically modified foods - these are three of the issues that will be debated at a Business Ethics conference in Cambridge on FRIDAY 7TH DECEMBER.

15 November 2001Read in full