Air Liquide

World leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health

World leader

Thanks to cutting-edge solutions based on constantly reinvented and enhanced technologies, Air Liquide produces high value-added gases for its international customers and society as a whole, for use in industry, health and the environment.

A competitive and sustainable growth strategy

The rising importance of energy, the environment, health care and high technologies... in a world that is constantly evolving, Air Liquide intends to seize new growth opportunities. To ensure that it is equipped to do so, the Group has.

Management and corporate governance

To achieve its ambitions, Air Liquide ensures that the relationship between management, supervision and shareholders is balanced and transparent.

Products and services


ALIAD's role is to take minority stakes in innovative technology start-ups in order to promote the Group’s access to innovations developed outside the Group. It encourages the establishment of R&D and/or business agreements between start-ups in its portfolio and the entities of Air Liquide group. By placing investments in a dedicated subsidiary, Air Liquide ensures timely and privileged access to these technologies developed by these young, innovative companies.

The sectors targeted for these investments are energy transition, natural resources management, healthcare technologies, digital technologies, electronics, and information technologies.

ALIAD has made 12 investments: Demeter, Quadrille Capital, Terrajoule, Plug Power, Hydrexia, Solumix, Xylowatt, McPhy Energy, Ecomobility Ventures, Quanta Fluid Solutions, SIGFOX and Avenisense.

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Air Liquide in UK

Our technical specialists work with customers to improve the efficiency of existing processes, meet customers' new technological needs and develop applications to meet specific process requirements.

Air Liquide UK has blue chip customers in a wide range of industry sectors and here are just a few in which Air Liquide UK excels:

  • Brewing and Beverage
  • Food Processing
  • Welding and Cutting
  • Electronics
  • Laboratories and Research
  • Metals Engineering and Manufacture
  • Environmental Technology
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Metallurgy
  • Rubber, Plastics and Paint
  • Engineering
  • Glass and Ceramics
  • Lighting

Customer oriented, solution driven:

As part of the Air Liquide Group, the worlds leading producers and suppliers of industrial and medical gases and related services, Air Liquide UK Limited has the capacity to apply global resources and expertise to local market needs.

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