Equal Experts

Equal Experts

At Equal Experts, we focus on providing simple software solutions to big business problems.

Address: 30 Brock Street, London
Postcode: NW1 3FG
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.equalexperts.com
Membership type:Founder Member (£5,000+VAT pa)

Equal Experts’ network of agile practitioners combine technical excellence and business pragmatism to deliver effective software solutions to a wide variety of business problems.

Transform your IT

We have an exceptional track record in scaling agile to the real-world constraints of corporate environments. We make heavy use of open source technology, which dramatically lowers total cost of ownership for clients.

We lead by example and ground everything we do in concrete software deliveries, we provide our technical leadership to guide large organizations through their digital transformation.

Our associate network

Our network is a diverse and inspirational collection of people who are hugely experienced at delivering valuable, working software in many business domains using a wide-range of technologies. We grow organically, selecting like-minded individuals through referrals from our existing network.

Our Associates can learn from each other and enjoy an environment with less politics and more freedom. This means we attract outstanding, empowered people. We want to keep on growing while staying true to our model so we can be a disruptive force in the software industry.

Get competitive

Equal Experts has evolved the traditional consultancy model in order to create better outcomes for clients. By only employing consultants with over eight years’ experience, our teams have the highest concentration of talent in the industry.

We make expertise the norm.

With fewer overheads, less waste and a bigger concentration of talent, we give true value for money.