B & C Farming Ltd

Farming a high value, technically demanding range of cereal, root and horticultural crops on a land base which radiates up to twenty miles from their main base at Wood Farm at Marsham in Norfolk,

Address: Wood Farm, Marsham, Norwich
Postcode: NR10 5QQ
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.bcfarming.co.uk
Membership type:Agri-Tech East membership

B&C Farming Ltd has a lot to offer agriculture in Norfolk and is enthusiastic about their membership of Agri-Tech East.

In particular, B&C Farming is:

  • The largest dedicated seed potato producer supplying the Greenvale supply chain, providing seed for growers supplying many of the UK’s major retail and manufacturing contracts.
  • A specialist in handling and managing organic manures. Each year they move in excess of 20,000 tonnes of compost from the Marsham composting facility.
  • A provider of a contract farming service which goes beyond stubble to stubble; they look to enhance, protect and sustain land’s asset and production value.

At the heart of B&C Farming is the attention to detail, dedication and technical knowledge of their staff, who work in collaboration with their landowners and supporting businesses, to achieve consistent results through teaming science and innovation with the best of practical farming.

B&C Farming hope, as part of Agri-Tech East, to develop innovation from the ground up and to make a positive contribution to the development of agriculture in the UK.