Collison and Associates

Established in 2002, Collison and Associates is based near King’s Lynn and works on agri-food sector development and the role of new technology and skills in delivering growth.

Address: Honeysuckle Cottage, Shepherdsgate Road, Tilney All Saints, Kings Lynn
Postcode: PE34 4RW
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Agri-Tech East membership

During 2012-13 the business supported the government team developing the UK Agri-Tech Strategy and is currently working with a range of businesses, Universities and research organisations to implement the actions it identified.

Their services include project development through to project funding and implementation. With a strong commercial background in agriculture, horticulture, wholesaling and food processing as well as strong links to the public sector, Collison and Associates brings a wide range of experience and connections to project teams. Their work with industry has included projects on soil and water resources, carbon footprints, new genetic technologies, the use of crop co-products and the integration of new genetics with farming practice to drive cost reduction.

They have also developed and managed large skills and knowledge exchange programmes for agriculture supported by UK and EU funding. They currently deliver courses with the University of Lincoln National Centre for Food Manufacturing and at Easton and Otley College.

The business also works for government agencies to develop and implement programmes to support the agri-tech sector and food chain.