Fram Farmers

Fram Farmers is the purchasing, grain marketing and administrative function of 1250 farming businesses across the UK. Fram Farmers acts as an extension to individual farm offices, with industry professionals purchasing and marketing core agricultural inputs and outputs.

Address: Fram Farmers Ltd, Station Road, Framlingham
Postcode: IP13 9EE
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Agri-Tech East membership E
  • Fram Farmers is an extension of their members’ farm offices, saving valuable time and office resources.
  • They provide trusted and transparent advice, aimed at achieving the best value and gross margin for their members’ businesses.
  • They can help reduce risk by offering the forward buying of fuel at a fixed price; members saved on average 4ppl during harvest 2013.
  • They have top performing grain prices and Pool results.

Their office, based in Framlingham, Suffolk, takes the administrative burden away from your farm/estate office, processing and streamlining invoices and bank payments.

Run as a true farmer owned co-operative, not for profit, Fram Farmers is passionate about the true principles upon which the co-operative was founded over 50 years ago: Planning farm business requirements, aggregating volumes and negotiating very competitive prices backed up with professional service and impartial, unbiased market information.