Uphouse Farm Ltd

Uphouse Farm Ltd

Uphouse Farm Ltd is a specialist poultry farm, run by father and son Nigel and Patrick Joice, producing around six million table chickens a year, mainly for supermarkets.

Address: Uphouse Farm Limited, Swaffham Road, South Raynham, Fakenham
Postcode: NR21 7HW
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Agri-Tech East membership

Welfare of the birds at Uphouse is of paramount importance and to this end only the very best completely dedicated stockmen available are employed and trained to very high levels in all aspects of poultry health and welfare. Coupled to this Uphouse Farm is able to produce a near-perfect environment for the chickens to thrive in by using the best environmental systems available within the sector.

Key objectives for the business at Uphouse Farm have always been to generate sufficient profits to enable future business growth and investment and to identify, explore and develop new opportunities.

Uphouse Farm is an intensive business that operates to ever increasing demands of sustainability. To this end they are at the forefront of technology in the poultry sector. In 2011 the first on-farm biomass plant burning poultry manure was installed; Uphouse Farm was instrumental in getting regulation passed through Brussels to allow this to happen. The biomass plant produces 95% of all heat requirements for the chickens on the farm; a similarly fueled Combined Heat and Power plant is planned for the near future. Additionally they have 450kw of solar PV installed which provides Uphouse with a high level of daytime electricity requirements.