Winning Workplace Ltd

As an HR Consultancy our goal is to work with business owners and leaders to attract and retain motivated staff, resolve conflict and create a winning working environment.

As a small business without a dedicated HR department, do you ever find yourself scratching your head over the following issues? 

Motivation. How do you offer the proper incentives to help employees give their best?

Employment law. How do you keep up with changes in the law and do the right thing?

Sickness. How do you handle long-term or recurring sickness in a fair and transparent manner?

Knowledge transfer. How do you help your star players pass key skills down the chain?

Conflict resolution. How do you develop an impartial means to resolve legitimate grievances?

Recruitment. How do you ensure the highest quality intake and lower staff turnover?

Finding the right answers to these questions can be time consuming, diverting your attention away from growing your business. But who is there to ask?

Joy at Winning Workplace Ltd.

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