SmithsonHill develops collaborative environments to support and enhance Cambridge’s global reputation for innovation, and is a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments.

Address: Office 4, Solopark House, Station Road, Pampisford
Postcode: CB22 3HB
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

SmithsonHill, a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments, seeks to develop a commercial space in Cambridge dedicated to advancing the AgriTech and associated science & technology sectors.

AgriTech is a growing sector of vital importance to the global economy. Population growth means that global food demand will increase by up to 100% before 2050 and global agriculture is responsible for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We need to research, develop and commercialise new technologies to increase crop production and yield, minimise input and cost (both to the consumer and farmer) and reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture. Multiple sectors (including non-agricultural) are in need of a collaborative environment to apply their expertise to AgriTech and work alongside experienced members of the industry.

This is a global problem needing global solutions and we hope that our proposed site will play a part in securing future food sustainability.

Through a unique combination of land, cutting edge farming, construction expertise and delivering community solutions, the partnership aims to fulfil an important role in facilitating the future success of both business and local communities, as well as to help Cambridge retain its global economic position and contribute to the region’s future prosperity.

The proposed site will include the ability for crop and new technology trials. It will be set in a high quality parkland environment with tree lined avenues, footpaths, open spaces and informal recreation areas, providing a positive community-based space for employees, maintaining quality and balance of life.

We believe our site will be the most important location for key companies and individuals involved in the future of global food and agricultural technology. We welcome communications from those interested in our plans.

For further information please visit or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn as SmithsonHill.

Group image of Delegation

Building agri-tech connections between Cambridge, UK and the US agri-tech clusters

Agri-Tech East and SmithsonHill hosted an Agri-Tech delegation from St Louis, Missouri, USA. The delegation, organised by the World Trade Center St Louis in collaboration with the British Consulate-General in Chicago and the British Honorary Consul in Missouri, was seeking to develop long-term relationships between the US Agri-Tech hub in Missouri and the UK Agri-Tech cluster in Cambridge.

22 February 2019Read in full

Person holding a petri dish

New opportunities for AgriTech in UK Life Sciences

The global life sciences industry is forecasted to grow to more than $2trillion by 2023. The UK government has set out their industrial strategy for the sector, highlighting the need for collaboration and convergence, in order to ensure that the UK continues to be integral globally. At SmithsonHill we believe that AgriTech is key to achieving this.

16 July 2018Read in full

Green explosion image

Momentum grows as AgriTech cluster converges in Cambridge

You may haven noticed that there is a bit of an explosion of interest in AgriTech around Cambridgeshire at the moment.

1 June 2018Read in full

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SmithsonHill proudly sponsors Cambridge Independent AgriTech Company of the Year award

In this AgriTech Company of the Year award sponsored by SmithsonHill, judges are looking for innovative AgriTech solutions which bring cutting edge technologies together with agriculture and farming. The new technologies proposed for the award can address any agricultural challenge, but we are particularly interested in those which bring technologies from other sectors into crop production.

10 May 2018Read in full

ARC-Cambridge/ SmithsonHill

SmithsonHill submits outline plans to deliver new AgriTech park in Cambridge

SmithsonHill, a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investment, has submitted an outline planning application to deliver one of the UK’s most significant AgriTech parks in South Cambridge. The new park will offer more than 1 million square feet of lettable employment space and adjacent agricultural land to firms specialising in the AgriTech sector.

1 December 2017Read in full

Public Exhibition – 16th to 17th May 2017

As part of SmithsonHill's on-going engagement with the local community and key stakeholders they are carrying out a Public Exhibition to share their emerging proposals for a site for AgriTech on the land at Hinxton (east of the A1301 and south of the A505).

15 May 2017Read in full

Hummingbird Image

SmithsonHill invests in innovative technology firm Hummingbird

Directors from SmithsonHill have invested in the start-up precision farming company Hummingbird to enable further development of their product - creating the software architecture to house their machine learning algorithms. Hummingbird will have its Beta rollout in 2017 across a number of pioneering growers in the East, including working with Russell Smith Farms.

6 March 2017Read in full

Public Exhibition - map of site

SmithsonHill invites you to a Public Exhibition on land at Hinxton

As part of its on-going engagement with the local community and key stakeholders, SmithsonHill is carrying out a Public Exhibition to share its emerging proposals for a site for AgriTech and related sectors on the land at Hinxton (east of the A1301 and south of the A505).

27 June 2016Read in full

Project UNA image

SmithsonHill tackles key issues to develop land in Cambridge South East region

SmithsonHill has assembled a team of leading experts to understand the best use of land available to them on the South East of Cambridge.

29 January 2016Read in full

Cheque and Food for JHC

SmithsonHill supports local charity JHC this winter

SmithsonHill is delighted this winter to support local Charity – JHC, a diverse and wide ranging charity to help those in need in the Sawston area.

16 December 2015Read in full

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