Casuga Consulting Limited

Casuga Consulting Limited

Casuga provides consulting services for improving organisation effectiveness with a focus on organisational and cultural change, leadership development and team dynamics.

Address: George Court, Bartholowmew's Walk, Ely
Postcode: CB7 4JW
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Focusing on the more complex and nuanced elements of organisational life and leadership, not just the functional elements. This includes behavioural, cultural and organisational change, leadership development and management transition, improving team dynamics and business development skills.

Casuga is an independent consultancy with a focus on organisation effectiveness, primarily leadership, organisation and team development. The company’s heritage is in management, psychology, consultancy and business development. The aim is to provide pragmatic interventions using industry experience backed by science-based theories from management, psychology and business.

What makes Casuga different is that rather than just pure process, structure and function the focus is also on improving behaviour and the overall condition of the organisation. The behaviour is where the more complex and nuanced nature of an organisation and its leaders resides; the more implicit aspects of organisational life such as culture, style, attitudes, behaviours, motivation and engagement. Understanding the holistic nature of an organisation: how it is aligned, how it communicates, makes decisions, what skills, competencies and knowledge exist, and what needs to exist is vital. It is only by combining the explicit, such as strategy, structure and process with the implicit that the organisation and its leaders can really become more effective, more agile and differentiated.

As per Hamel and Prahalad, to maximise its strategy an organisation has to know and change: 

  • Leadership thinking
  • Core practices
  • Capabilities
  • Competencies