WLP is a UK business consultancy service based near Norwich, Norfolk and has been established for over 25 years. We carry out much of our work across East Anglia and the East Midlands, but operate in the rest of the UK as well. We help our clients get from A to B and sometimes help decide where B is. We get results.

WLP is a UK business consultancy service based near Norwich, Norfolk and has been established for over 30 years. We carry out much of our work across East Anglia and the East Midlands, but operate in the rest of the UK as well.

Our dedicated team of business consultants have a wealth of experience, having aided the growth and improvement of small to medium-sized businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK for 25 years. From writing a business strategy to marketing effectively, delivering a high quality service to managing business growth, we understand the challenges that running a business can bring.

We help get our clients get from A to B and sometimes help them decide where B is. It's our goal at WLP to help businesses and their owners achieve their ambitions and be the best that they can be. Each of our multi-disciplined consultants have a unique set of skills, meaning we are well placed to advise on a wide range of businesses and issues.

We get results.

Products and services

Succession Planning

A workable exit route and continuity for the business

Moving on from the business is a very difficult task. This is especially true in a family business with all the things that need to be considered outside of the business. Achieving a result that is both rewarding and pleasing is often the desired outcome, so that when you look back there are few regrets (if any).

We have helped many businesses transition to new ownership, whether it’s moving the business to a new generation, management buy outs or employee ownership. Equally, we have helped businesses deal with all the issues and forced changes caused by death or illness, including dealing with the family issues and ambitions.

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Human Resource

Managing your team effectively and legally

Human Resource (HR) is a key area for all businesses, especially when you employ people to provide or deliver your services. We offer qualified, pragmatic advice and deliver compliant and cost effective HR solutions covering contracts through to hand books, advising on conflict resolution, as well as providing development and recruitment services of the highest standard. We are license holders for the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency, a unique assessment and development tool for Managers and Supervisors.

Effective anticipation of issues and adoption of good people management practices will save your business from the costly and highly disruptive impact of claims made by staff or ex-employees. Therefore, we place a great deal of emphasis on avoidance.

Reviewing your terms and documentation, as well as records, and helping you implement cost effective and best practice changes with staff is a core part of our service. We are always there to help you if, or when, you hit problems along the way. We work alongside you and your team and invest the time and management expertise your company requires.

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Management Development

Improving your capability

The success of an organization depends not only on product and strategy but also on execution. This requires high quality management. The Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP) is a unique assessment tool that accurately measures the competence of your team and delivers development to improve the team. WLP are licensed for MAP assessments and training, and have successfully assessed dozens of people since the year 2000.

MAP is based on studies in well-run larger companies that found the major competencies indicating good performance. It is the preferred assessment method for over 150,000 managers worldwide. DPG plc, who own the UK rights, have put £1 million investment into developing the database of competencies specifically for UK-based managers.

It is well known that people leave bad managers, which is why it is so important for growing businesses to have competent ones. MAP can be used to develop your team or as part of a verification process when making key appointments.

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Compliance & Standards

Quality, CE Marking, environmental, H&S, ISO and other certification

Compliance is an important consideration for all businesses. Legislation and regulations define the minimum behaviours society has identified for responsible business, including those relating to employee safety, protection of the environment or responsibility to your neighbours. WLP will gain an understanding of your business and its marketplace. We take a common sense approach to helping you find the path of least resistance towards complying with the regulations that affect your organisation.

National, international and trade sector standards can help you demonstrate that your goods and/or services meet recognise best practice. WLP have experience developing and implementing standards across a range of sectors including service, manufacturing, food and construction. We help you demonstrate legal compliance (e.g. CE marking, machinery directive, construction products directive, environmental permitting), best practice (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and compliance with trade/sector specific requirements (e.g. BRC, EN 1090).

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Manufacturing & Service Improvement

More for the same, the same for less

At WLP, we work with you to systematically and pragmatically facilitate change, simplify processes, improve efficiencies and productivity, reduce variability and achieve excellent customer service. Our experience has been gained through working in a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations including food, chemical, automotive, financial, health and social care.

Our approach is based on the world renowned Lean Six Sigma. Using systematic techniques and data to understand the processes and working with your people from senior managers to shop-floor staff, we can identify opportunities and then deliver real benefits as required.

We use “Lean” to focus on eliminating time and resources that do not add value to your products and services, while “Six Sigma” focuses on ensuring your organization delivers the quality and service required every time.

We can train and coach individuals within your organization to deliver or we can work with you to implement the change through an involvement and facilitated approach. Our extensive experience of working in unique, complex environments and solving those problems that keep coming back, means we can focus on giving you cost effective solutions.

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IT Systems

Sourcing and delivering IT systems for advantage

IT is an essential business enabler. Good systems can make your business; underperforming systems can break it. Emerging technology creates opportunities, but can also produce bewildering choices and jargon. WLP can help you make sense of your options, talk to you in plain English and give you the confidence to make good decisions.

We also understand that choosing the right technology is only half the battle – the change needs to be well implemented. Good systems will fail to deliver if your staff or your customers are not engaged by the technology.

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Business Turnaround

Finding a way back to sustainable profitability

Running your own business can be a lonely occupation. Even more so when things begin to go wrong and matters start to become serious. Who is around to help to diagnose and resolve these problems?

Most consultants produce a glossy report and then disappear, leaving the proprietor to deal with the same issues whilst trying to keep on top of the business. At WLP, we can stay with you through the good and bad times, until we all agree that you can see the wood from the trees and the business is back to sustainable profitability. Should you want us to, we are happy to stick around after the project to ensure the business remains on track and succeeds.

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Mentoring & Coaching

A listening ear with pragmatic guidance

At WLP, our goal is to help businesses grow and Mentoring is often part of the way forward. Mentoring can help organisations with a range of things. This includes achieving or returning to sustainable profitability, going through a particularly difficult period and emerging into a new future or just helping you grow and move on to the next step. It is not necessarily restricted to the business transactions either, it can include other issues such as ensuring the right wills, insurance and tax arrangements are in place for the benefit of the owners and their successors.

The focus of the mentoring support you receive varies according to the areas where the support and guidance is required. We have a group of mentors with a wealth of experience across several industries and issues, as well as the added benefit of being able to call on their colleagues for further support if necessary. The intensity of the mentoring may vary as well, as it may be monthly, quarterly or on occasions more frequently.

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Sales & Marketing

Identifying how you can win business

Why do all the top performing businesses take marketing so seriously? Because they understand that effective marketing can make the difference between real business success and just ’getting by’. Often the best marketing wins, not the best product.

WLP work with you to create powerful marketing strategies that deliver real, measurable results. We believe that the best strategic marketing plans are not concocted by outsiders and ’bolted on’, but developed, with guidance, by you the client. This ensures that the plan is owned by you and fully reflects your capabilities, experience and culture.

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Business Planning

Assisting with the journey

Whether you are starting up from scratch, in the development phase or an established business with a record of growth, your company will grow more successfully and profitably if you develop, maintain and utilize a strong business plan. Not only will this help you manage your pathway of growth, but anyone providing you with finance will also want to see a well-structured, objective, up to date and realistic business plan.

Planning, attention to detail, anticipation and implementing controlled solutions are all part of the WLP approach to the business plan.

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