Chris Harris Wealth Management Limited

Chris Harris Wealth Management Limited

Partner practise of St. James's Place Wealth Management providing holistic financial solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Telephone: 01223 607 700
Address: 8200 Cambridge Research Park, Beach Drive, Waterbeach
Postcode: CB25 9TL
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

My aim is to provide guidance and solutions to secure you, your family and also your business. Your financial needs are likely to change over time, as life changes it demands different requirements from your wealth management. I will be able to assist you and your financial wealth management through these changes in your life by regularly reviewing your needs and aspirations with you, with a personal approach and a clear understanding of your specific needs.

Key areas of financial solutions offered.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management – reassurance that expert knowledge, of markets, products and regulation will be used to form effective short or long term financial solutions
  • Investment Planning to maximse the use of tax efficient products
  • Trust and Estate Planning including Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax on portfolio investments
  • Pensions and Pension Annuities Planning
  • Investment Planning for your childen, or grandchildren’s future
  • Life assurance

Taxing times: 'use it or lose it'

The run-up to the end of the tax year provides 'use it or lose it' opportunities to help secure your financial future and pay less tax on the inheritance you leave to loved ones.

19 January 2018Read in full

Finding a way through the Inheritance Tax maze

The ‘residence nil rate band’ can result in an Inheritance Tax saving even if, due to the size of your estate, the prospects for meeting its conditions appear unpromising at first glance.

12 December 2017Read in full

Autumn leaves

Comment on the Autumn Budget 2017

The Chancellor has delivered his first Autumn Budget. This focused heavily on the wider economic position for the country, with a number of positive initiatives targeted at the housing market. There were no significant changes that affect mainstream investments or pensions.

22 November 2017Read in full

market stall goods

Translation exercise: think carefully about your pension savings

If your pension savings are to be converted into a flexible income when you retire, you must think carefully about making the right investment decisions.

12 April 2017Read in full

leaves in spring

Spring Budget 2017 - insights from Chris Harris

The Chancellor has delivered his Spring Budget. While this mostly confirmed measures previously publicised, there were some new announcements for reforms to social care funding and education, and a reiteration of the key themes following the Brexit vote.

9 March 2017Read in full

Source: Bank of England, February 2017

Cash ISA savers may be left out in the cold

The outlook continues to look bleak for Cash ISA savers, who are at risk of wasting the potential benefits of this year’s ISA allowance, says Chris Harris of Chris Harris Wealth Management Ltd.

2 March 2017Read in full

bonsai tree

Spruce-up your personal finances

Get your personal finances into shape by making the most of all the allowances and exemptions available before the end of the tax year, advises Chris Harris.

6 February 2017Read in full