Cubicibuc Limited

Cubicibuc Limited

Cubicibuc is an independent technical consulting firm specialising in Intellectual Property matters.

Address: Cart House 2, Copley Hill Business Park, Cambridge
Postcode: CB22 3GN
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Great Intellectual Property management that protects value

Good IP management protects competitive advantage; generates returns on R&D and secures finance.

We provide expert IP support: IP strategy development; health check and audit; tech transfer and M&A due diligence; and expert witness support over a range of technologies and sectors.

IP matters are often thought of as legal issues, but best practice IP management shows that IP strategy must be closely aligned with business strategy and product or service development. Therefore IP matters are not purely legal, but have direct impact on shareholder value.
Organisations that do not control their IP (generation, capture, management and exploitation) risk investments in R&D or building deliverables that are not commercially attractive. Poor IP management can lead to leakage of competitive advantage, real or spurious litigation or loss of product revenues.

Good IP management allows business to protect its competitive advantage; to generate returns on R&D investment and to secure investment and finance. Modern businesses neglect their IP assets at their risk as poor IP management gives away value and reduces barriers to entry for competitors compromising the organisation's capabilities.
To manage IP well business must adopt a combination of commercial, legal and technical expertise.

Cubicibuc supports its clients by:
  • providing confidential and independent IP strategy advice
  • performing IP audits, health checks
  • supporting commercial negotiation, tech transfer, licensing and litigations 
We work with businesses ranging from smaller start-ups to mature multinationals; from early stage invention capture through to exploitation and monetisation of IP assets.