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Is your business performance being impacted by external or internal issues? 

We can kick-start your brand and get you growing

Brands can lose sight of their purpose and positioning, become impacted by category and competitor challenges and sometimes just struggle to deliver much-needed innovation.

At BrandWorks, we take a straightforward approach to identify and clarify how to solve your underlying issues and deliver a plan to reinvigorate and accelerate growth.

We don’t cost a fortune either, because we focus on driving actionable growth by applying our effort to the biggest gains, giving you a more efficient and measurable return on investment.

With several years’ experience dealing with all manner of brand challenges at Heinz, Mr Kipling, Jordans and Dorset Cereals; we hit the ground running and solve your problems, bringing energy and impetus to reinvigorate and accelerate your brand.

If you'd like to see how we could help you, email me at or give me a call.

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Small Business Marketing Bootcamp

Kick-start your marketing to drive growth

Kickstart your marketing and grow your business with the Small Business Marketing Bootcamp. This four-month programme will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to grow.

3 April 2018Read in full

Four tips for small businesses, freelancers and consultants to standout and grow their brand

Four tips for small businesses, freelancers and consultants to standout and grow their brand

"Pretty much every ambitious business I’ve worked with over the last year has needed support with developing how strongly they standout against competitors," says Dan Ince, founder of BrandWorks.
Read his four must-do tips for small business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs.

28 June 2017Read in full

Marketing Levers

5-step marketing strategy to supercharge your brand growth

If you want to drive sustainable growth, you need to be super clear on your brand strategy and put it into action. BrandWorks' 5-step strategy helps you identify the three to five BIG Issues and Opportunities to address in your marketing activity plan and drive growth.

24 May 2017Read in full

Car tune up

Does your brand need a tune-up?

If your brand is struggling to keep growing in a stagnant or declining market; being impacted by shiny new competitors making your market seem more exciting and by default you old-fashioned and dusty; or you’re simply realising that the rules changed somehow when you weren’t looking and now you’re not sure of your need a brand tune-up.

24 January 2017Read in full

How to develop a standout brand

How to develop a standout brand and why it's so important

Almost everything and everyone is a brand these days...either one that you've heard of and associate with, or one that you don't. The greatest challenge that any brand has is cutting through the noise.

5 January 2017Read in full

Credit: Walt Stoneburner

Clarify your brand purpose to build a stronger brand

Clarity of brand purpose is what separates winning brands from those who are simply in the race.

17 November 2016Read in full