Melanie Pankhurst: Marketing, Communications & GDPR

Marketing, communications and GDPR consultant - solving problems and filling skills gaps for start-ups, corporates, non-profits and EC (and other) funded projects .

Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Marketing and Communications

Strategy, plans, projects, fractional and interim management

I am a marketing and communications professional with 20+ years of tactical, strategic and leadership positions under my belt, with a depth and breadth of experience across the marketing, communications and management spectrum.

I offer an extra pair of hands to help you:

  • Develop a high impact marketing strategy or communications plan
  • Deliver ring-fenced pieces of work where you have a resource or skills shortage
  • Solve a problem that you don't have time to address or you just can't see the wood for the trees
  • As a fractional executive if you're not ready to hire in a permanent resource yet, or as an interim manager if you need a stepping stone.

My experience spans several markets - technology, publishing, utilities, mental-health, consultancy, research and education - and I have worked for commercial organisations (start-ups, SMEs, corporate) and the non-profit sector (charity, EU-funded and public) at national, European and global levels.

GDPR audits, training, guidance and implementation

More recently I have helped clients prepare for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which came into force on 25 May 2018, and which all organisations must comply with in how they collect, store and process personal data. The date may have passed but that was just the start - it's an ongoing process. Clients are now asking me to help them communicate with and train staff on the changing obligations and how to implement new processes and policies that they've put in place.

I can train and advise your management and staff on data protection legislation, and work with them to develop or adapt processes, policies and best practice to ensure compliance. I can audit your business to identify risk areas and gaps and prepare a compliance plan with you. I can support your legal, IT, senior or operational teams. Previous projects include:

*  For a large corporate, I was a GDPR project lead, developing and delivering data protection training, guidance and solutions for ensuring data  protection compliance, and have trained over 100 staff across five continents, in marketing, sales, project management and editorial teams.

*  For a communications consultancy, I conducted a GDPR audit and delivered a report with prioritised recommendations to close the compliance gap.

*  For a consumer leisure business, I developed and implemented processes, policies and solutions across marketing and operations; and trained staff on best practice.

For all types of organisations, I can help you with just a consultancy session or a workshop for your team; or I can lead or work alongside your team on a plan to achieve compliance. Either I can support your DPO (Data Protection Officer) or I can act as your DPO for a set number of days per month.

Dissemination support for EU (and other) funded projects

I have been responsible for planning and implementing the communications strategies of a multi-million Euro flagship EU project - the GÉANT research and education network project which delivers internet services, technologies and applications - and of other international projects in Africa and Asia, funded by DG CONNECT and DG DEVCO.

As a member of the leadership team that won funding for GÉANT over four rounds covering 10 years under FP7 and H2020, and that achieved 'Excellent' for five consecutive EC annual reviews, I can apply my experience to help other funded projects (EU or otherwise), by:

  • Helping you hit visibility, dissemination and user take-up targets, through communications and engagement strategies with your stakeholders, and applying the principles of product marketing and user focus.
  • Assisting with your proposals, progress reports and annual review presentations.

I am also an Expert Reviewer for two EU-funded digital technology projects, so understand what's needed for a successful project.

Management consultancy, Legal, HR and Administration support

Through my associates in The Terrier Group, you also have access to additional business support:

  • Management consultancy, process improvement and change management
  • HR policy and practice
  • Project management and administration
  • Legal and company secretary

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I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and hold an honours degree in Business Studies. More at

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR audits, training, guidance and implementation

Strategy, plans, projects, fractional and interim management

Grow market opportunity and outreach through strategic planning, customer focus, tactical marketing and communications/PR action plans.

Dissemination support for EU (and other) funded projects

Reporting and communications strategies for your funded projects.

Additional Business Services

Management consultancy, Legal, HR and Administration support