Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd.

Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd.

Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd. is a leader in the design and production of interconnection systems for use in high speed communication applications.

Telephone: 01223 860 041
Address: Denny Industrial Centre, Waterbeach
Postcode: CB25 9QR
Country: United Kingdom
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Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd. is a leader in the design and production of interconnection systems for use in high speed communication applications. For over 35 years it has been creating solutions for projects where signal integrity is paramount, both networked and inside the box. Industry sectors serviced include Machine Vision, Industrial Process Control, Broadcast, Energy, Road/Rail Transport, Telecommunications, Commercial & Defence Aerospace and many more.                                             

Shared Design Resource

Cambridge Electronic Industries’ engineering and design team has a wealth of experience in understanding the electronic parameters important for interconnection integrity and also the mechanics and material sciences involved. This knowledge is pooled with trading partners when working together to arrive at ideal solution.

3-D Modelling

When the required performance objectives are achieved, drawings, specifications and 3D models are produced and transmitted electronically to the client team for mechanical and electrical approval. Any required changes can be made and agreed without delay allowing speedy prototyping to take place.

Signal Simulation

Early in the design stage, simulation tools are employed to measure the virtual signal characteristics in the connection system. Using this technique, the design can then be tuned to the optimum performance. Experience has demonstrated that this virtual modelling is an extremely reliable indicator of the final performance.

Reduced Project Costs

Such techniques assist feasibility studies, speed up design validation and shorten the project development process. Customers obtain project cost savings, get their product to market ahead of their competitors and are often able to provide solutions where no comparable offering is available.

Product integration

Product integration offers the opportunity to re-engineer equipments and reduce the number of units in a system. Cambridge Electronic Industries’ engineers are practised in simplifying interconnection systems and minimising component count. Manufacturing and installation times are reduced, system reliability improved and significant cost savings achieved.

Fulfilment Services

By combining its design capabilities; product knowledge; supply partner strengths; purchasing power and logistics, Cambridge Electronic Industries can provide a complete fulfilment service to its clients. Key competencies include piece part sourcing and procurement, warehousing, production and direct shipment to clients’ customers.                      

 Precision 75 Ohms Micro BNC connector

Micro BNC connectors launched for smaller, lighter cameras and broadcast equipment

Cambridge Electronic Industries, a specialist designer and manufacturer of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies for the broadcast and machine vision markets, is launching a new range of high speed Micro BNC connectors for smaller cameras and devices using the higher resolution formats: 12G-SDI, 4K, HDR and UHD, where higher density is required.

27 April 2018Read in full

Cambridge Electronic Industries launches new surface-mount 12G-SDI connectors

Cambridge Electronic Industries reveals new surface-mount design 12G-SDI BNC right angled connectors for broadcast and vision.

18 January 2018Read in full

New connectors enhance performance of cable

New connectors and assemblies enable 12G-SDI transmission rates over increased distances

Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd, specialist designer and manufacturer of vision coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, is introducing a series of new 12G-SDI BNC connectors under the CoaxVision brand, which maximise the speed and performance of Belden’s 4794R 4K co-axial cable for applications in Digital Cinema and Ultra High Definition TV.

30 June 2017Read in full

Changeable Interface Coaxial Connector

Cambridge Electronic Industries introduces changeable interface coaxial connector system

Cambridge Electronic Industries' unique changeable interface system offers the ability to mix and match connector styles on a standardised PCB mount without expensive design changes – ideal for Machine Vision and Test Equipment applications.

24 January 2017Read in full

Cambridge Electronic Industries Stackable Connedctor System

Cambridge Electronic Industries introduces multi-connector range for CoaXPress® applications

Engineered for CoaXPress® applications, Cambridge Electronic Industries’ CoaXvision™ range meets the needs of the Machine Vision industry, providing a small form factor stackable multi-port connector system which can operate in high speed, high definition video applications and offers polarised inter-connection capabilities.

16 January 2017Read in full

F Series Connector for Satellite Broadcast Applications

F Series Connector for satellite broadcast applications

Cambridge Electronic Industries designs precision F Series connector for high speed satellite communication systems.

4 January 2017Read in full