Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Judge Business School is in the business of transformation - of individuals, of organisations and society.

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Why CJBS? We leverage the power of academia for real world impact

Cambridge Judge Business School is in the business of transformation - of individuals, of organisations and society.

What does that mean in practice? It means we work with every student and organisation at a deep level, identifying important problems and questions, challenging and coaching people to find answers, and creating new knowledge.

It means we bring forward the latest thinking from academia and professional practice, and apply our combined knowledge to specific business situations to turn it into action.

It means we believe in encouraging and supporting people to create new products and businesses, pursuing goals for intellectual gain, and contributing to social enterprise.

It means we achieve excellence in the quality of our research insights and our educational engagement. We develop knowledge both for its own sake and to help others make a difference.

It means we train students and clients from all over the world, reward performance in our own staff and enable performance in our students and clients.

It means we contribute to society by building sustainability into the heart of our business education and research.

This combination of the latest thinking from academia and professional practice, in turn, enables us to develop greater knowledge and better methods in order to have an impact on the world in which we live and work.

Barclays Scale Up UK

Barclays Scale Up UK

The Barclays Scale Up UK is an innovative programme which aims to enhance the performance and competitiveness of high potential early stage businesses with growth appetite as well as growth potential that are deemed to be engines of growth in the UK.

Executive Education

Executive Education

Cambridge Executive Education programmes are designed for business professionals, managers, leaders, and executives who strive for professional and personal growth. We deliver executive education programmes to help achieve operational excellence and business results. We develop leaders prepared for change in a competitive environment.

Advanced Leadership Programme

This programme is a three-week general management and leadership programme.

The Cambridge Executive MBA

The Cambridge Executive MBA

A 20 month degree programme for senior executives

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Making the numbers count: supporting and engaging women at every career stage

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni and other researchers call for gender equality and career support for women in the workplace, and an end to “the doom and gloom narrative” over their limited numbers.

19 June 2018Read in full

some of the MFin alumni ten years on

Cambridge Judge Master of Finance (MFin) class of 2008: where are they now?

The Master of Finance (MFin) programme at Cambridge Judge Business School began in 2008, right in the midst of the global financial crisis that has affected the banking system and the operation of financial markets around the world.

14 June 2018Read in full

theatre masks

MBA students offer artistic advice

Cambridge Judge MBA students advise Carnegie Hall in New York how to entice more single ticket buyers to return for other concerts by making the venue more accessible to musical novices.

12 June 2018Read in full

Puncturing the headquarters myth

Puncturing the headquarters myth

Study by Cambridge Judge Business School’s Yasemin Kor and Niklas Lindlbauer finds that on-the-ground actors at dispersed business units, rather than corporate headquarters, often drive critical resource-allocation decisions.

6 June 2018Read in full

Syrona Women: device aims to spot cervical cancer

Syrona Women: device aims to spot cervical cancer

Two Cambridge entrepreneurs – Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell – co-founded a startup aiming to help women to detect early signs of cervical cancer and other gynaecological diseases.

5 June 2018Read in full

Belinda Bell, Michael Kitson, Sucheta Nadkarni, Mia Gray

Gender inequality in the workplace (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Statistics show that gender inequality at the workplace is pervasive, with lower pay and under-representation at top levels for women. How does this harm business, and should governments intervene?

4 June 2018Read in full

Report offers insight into sustainable fashion

Report offers insight into sustainable fashion

A report co-authored by two Cambridge Judge Business School alumni looks at the promise and challenges of sustainable fashion.

24 May 2018Read in full

Bridging the research-practice divide

Bridging the research-practice divide

Academics can “talk funny,” according to many practitioners. A four-prong framework proposed in a new paper by Professor Michael Barrett of Cambridge Judge Business School, along with co-author Professor Eivor Oborn, aims to help academics widen the impact of their research and reach a broader audience.

22 May 2018Read in full

Chinese firms going global

Chinese firms going global

Chinese firms are becoming more global as they debate whether to become public companies, says Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge Business School.

17 May 2018Read in full

Venturing forth: Crayfish

Crayfish connects businesses with China

Cambridge MBA alumna Ting Zhang founded an online platform that connects qualified bilingual talent to companies aiming to do business with China.

15 May 2018Read in full

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People & Organisational Effectiveness

20 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018Cambridge Judge Business School

In a working environment increasingly characterised by rapid change and uncertainty and an ever-strengthening imperative for higher performance, leaders and managers know they have to get the best from their employees and the best from themselves in order to develop an effective workplace.

Creating High Performance Teams

Creating High Performance Teams

28 Jun 2018 - 29 Jun 2018Cambridge Judge Business School

This programme provides an important management tool kit for creating a high performance culture within organisations by focusing on communicating, motivating, teaming, evaluating and rewarding.

Cambridge Rising Women Leaders Programme

13 Sep 2018 - 14 Sep 2018Cambridge Judge Business School

This unique two-day open enrolment programme has been designed specifically for high potential women in junior and mid-level managerial positions aspiring to reach the top, or senior positions, within their organisations.