ideaSpace believes that great organisations are founded by great people.

Address: Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB3 0GT
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Cambridge University Department

ideaSpace exists to support founders with scalable innovative ideas which could potentially have a global impact.

ideaSpace uses its flexible workspace to provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which its members can share knowledge and experience as they develop their business models, create concepts and build their team.

Being a part of the University of Cambridge is central to ideaSpace’s sense of purpose. It shares the University’s commitment to excellence and to making a meaningful contribution to society by supporting the development of high impact new ventures.

As well as helping start-ups create successful businesses and economic value, ideaSpace works with governments, agencies and higher education institutions to develop policies, strategies and programmes to support a thriving start-up sector. We also inform, and provide cases for research and development activities at the University of Cambridge relating to early-stage ventures and their ecosystems

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montage of ideaspace residents

Lessons from a founder: tips for successful product design

Coming up with an idea for a product is the easy bit - it's the designing of it that can be a complicated and costly process. At a recent ideaSpace event four founders offered their insights on how you can build a successful product that your customers are going to love...

30 October 2018Read in full

 Dr Ruchi Sharma, Stemnovate’s CEO and Founder

Your liver on a microchip - a revolution in drug development

ideaSpace West members, Stemnovate, and ANB Sensors Limited, both Cambridge based companies, have been awarded $1 million Innovate UK funding to advance ‘Liver on a chip’ technology that will improve drug testing and help patients by increasing drug safety, effectiveness and potentially develop individually tailored medicine.

7 September 2017Read in full

Creator awards banner

WeWork extends inspiring event series to Cambridge

WeWork hosts a one-off, free to attend event next week to inspire creativity and entrepreneurship in Cambridge, in celebration of ‘The Creator Awards’.

9 August 2017Read in full

Capital Cell's UK Equity investment platform is now up and running!

Capital Cell's UK Equity investment platform is now up and running!

Cutting edge life science investments with potentially huge financial rewards. IdeaSpace West members, Capital Cell, has launched in the UK, with value adding partnerships, strong life science start-up links, and a new investment platform.

2 June 2017Read in full

EnXray raises £2.3 million to fund commercial expansion

EnXray raises £2.3 million to fund commercial expansion

EnXray Ltd raises funding for ground breaking Low Energy X-ray (LEXR) sterilisation machine.

13 April 2017Read in full

First IPO for FreeAgent Central

First IPO for FreeAgent Central

Cloud-based accounting software provider, FreeAgent Central have started trading as a public company on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

24 November 2016Read in full

Blackboard announces acquisition of UK-based Fronteer

Blackboard Inc., a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement, today announced the acquisition of U.K. based Fronteer, including its flagship Ally product. Ally is designed to help institutions and instructors make course content more accessible for learners.

27 October 2016Read in full

 GeneAdvisor's CEO Jelena Aleksic  and CTO Robert Stojnic

GeneAdviser/Birmingham Women’s Hospital partner to make personalised medicine more accessible

The largest genetics laboratory in the NHS brings to the platform their solid tumour sequencing, enabling clinicians to give an individual approach to their patients, tailored to their tumour’s genetic makeup.

29 September 2016Read in full

Using game technology to promote innovation at Anglia Ruskin Unversity

Anglia Ruskin University wants to use better collaboration and teamworking to radically change the way it operates. Altogame, a British-Finnish start-up based in Cambridge and Helsinki, is helping it achieve this goal using the latest 3D game technology.

27 September 2016Read in full

ideaSpace sees ThisWay’s tech hiring solution as the way forward for VentureFest East

At VentureFest East tomorrow (24 May), ThisWay Global will present their new technology solution for what the OECD says ‘might be the greatest business opportunity ever’…the solution to hiring.

23 May 2016Read in full

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