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Innovia Technology Ltd

Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen

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Innovia Technology is a global innovation consultancy specialising in the front end of innovation, working with the best companies in the world to create opportunities for growth. We blend inclusive analysis with real-world commercial expertise. Structured and systematic, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the best solution. 

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve helped several of our clients innovate on over 100 different projects. Our clients include Procter & Gamble, Shell, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Heinz and Bayer. We measure our success by the strength of the relationships we build, many spanning decades. 80% of our business is repeat business. 

What makes us better? We call it holistic innovation. We combine creativity with structure, drawing on a wide range of capabilities ranging from science and manufacturing to behaviour and design. Our holistic approach enables us to tackle complex challenges efficiently. It ensures that solutions are well rounded, with a scientific basis, a compelling customer proposition, and a solid business case. 

Our people combine wide-ranging expertise with a willingness to overturn orthodoxies and a passion for creativity. Above all, they share a commitment to making it happen. We can explore more options and create better answers than would be possible by deploying different specialisms sequentially.  

We’re pragmatists, not idealists – we know what works in the real world, and factor in what’s achievable given the knowledge, resources and culture of our client. Working in so many different sectors gives us an incredible breadth of knowledge and insight, and means we can bring a fresh perspective to our clients that opens up new possibilities for innovation. 

Our solutions work well and drive growth: they are emotionally compelling and commercially effective. We’re agile and responsive, delivering just what you need to make it happen. 

Together, we make it happen.

Creating Exceptional Absorbency

Creating Exceptional Absorbency

A case study about Innovia's work on Bounty, America's top-selling paper towel.

Modelling Shaving

Modelling Shaving

A case study about Innovia's work with Procter & Gamble and Gillette

Novel Thickeners For Grease

Novel Thickeners For Grease

A case study about Innovia’s work with Shell’s Lubricants Discovery Hub.

Next Generation Paint

Next Generation Paint

A case study about Innovia's work with AkzoNobel, a world-class manufacturer of decorative coatings.

Making breakthrough innovation happen

Breakthrough innovation is at the heart of everything Innovia does. Each assignment is tailored through discussion with our client to meet their specific needs and to produce results that can easily be integrated and acted upon. Here are some typical examples of challenges we are asked to address:

Breakthrough innovation

Each project is tailored through discussion with our client to meet their specific needs, and to produce results that can easily be integrated and acted upon. We bring together different services from the list below.

The first WheelRight is installed on The Ray

Use road improvement billions to build greener highways

Technologies recommended by Cambridge-based Innovia Technology have been piloted on The Ray green highway in Georgia, USA.

10 January 2017Read in full

Dr Aidan Craigwood, Consultant at Innovia Technology

Whole label approach to ingredient substitution offers greater value

Brands concerned about ‘clean labelling’ can achieve this more effectively if they analyse all the ingredients on the label at the same time to see how their function can be achieved in other ways. Dr Aidan Craigwood, consultant for breakthrough innovation consultancy Innovia Technology, comments that chemical, biological and physical processes can provide fresh solutions to old challenges around colour, preservation and texture.

6 January 2017Read in full

Greg Dickens

Could insect protein feed the world? asks Innovia

Innovia says that textured chunks of insect protein would provide a sustainable alternative to animal meat. “The Harper Adams University's 'Edible Bug Challenge' isn’t so far-fetched,” says Greg Dickens, a vet and consultant at Innovia Technology. “Insect flour is already available and 'Quorn-style' high-protein pieces are on the way”.

25 July 2016Read in full

arena Elite Team champion Adam Peaty. Credit: arena/Pentapho

Innovia brings cutting-edge science to arena's carbon technology swimwear

As swimmers gear up for Rio, arena’s record-breaking carbon technology suit has gone to yet another level with the new POWERSKIN Carbon-Ultra suit, the result of arena's work with Cambridge-based Innovia Technology.

16 May 2016Read in full

Dr Helena Rubinstein

The secrets of using big data insights successfully

Innovia launches Ambient Intelligence Canvas to help brands capture a ‘big picture’ view of their data assets.

26 April 2016Read in full

Julian Scarfe, Innovia Technology

Innovia Technology tackles a big issue with big data

Innovia Technology helps the global apparel industry take a united approach to a textile dye problem.

7 April 2016Read in full

Kora Muscat, behavioural consultant at Innovia

Have you made it to the gym yet?

A new year, a fresh start, but what would motivate you to keep those good intentions past January? Behavioural scientists from breakthrough innovation consultancy Innovia think that a ‘commitment pact’ could be the answer.

14 January 2016Read in full

Some of the options for the high-tech corridor

Will the future 'green highway' be frugal or high-tech?

Innovia validates technology to take The Ray closer to its zero impact vision.

16 December 2015Read in full

Design for world's first sustainable highway

Innovia helps create the world's first sustainable highway

Is it possible to have a ‘green highway’? The Mission Zero Corridor Project in West Georgia, USA, believes that it is. It has appointed breakthrough innovation consultancy Innovia Technology to help create a ‘travel corridor’ and rethink the purpose and function of this infrastructure to generate social, environmental and economic value.

14 August 2015Read in full