Speechmatics is a world-beating authority in Machine Learning and AI, applying the latest research to the problem of understanding speech.

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 794 497
Address: Unit C Brookmount Court, Kirkwood Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 2QH
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.speechmatics.com
Membership type:Corporate 21-50 (£500+VAT pa)

Our mission is to build the best speech technology for any application in any language and put speech back at the heart of communication.

Speechmatics is a speech recognition technology company – converting speech to text. Speech recognition is one of the hardest challenges to solve due to the complexity of human speech. Using neural networks combined with the very latest developments from academia and industry, Speechmatics has developed technology with world-leading accuracy.

Speechmatics has a key focus on enabling customers to surface actionable intelligence from their speech data in any language. Speechmatics has already transcribed millions of hours of audio and helped customers across a diverse range of use cases and applications to extract value from their audio source. 

We love solving difficult problems because we understand that every use case is different. We believe we can truly simplify everyone's lives and drive the overall industry to adopt speech as the main of communication.

Speechmatics appoints John Milliken as CEO

Speechmatics appoints John Milliken as CEO

Speechmatics, the Cambridge-based leaders in machine learning and automated speech recognition, is delighted to announce the appointment of John Milliken as its CEO. The appointment signals the company’s intent to expand to the next level, with John perfectly placed to cement Speechmatics’ position as a clear leader in the industry.

12 March 2019Read in full

Neuraswitch logo

Speechmatics and Neuraswitch deliver CRM solution to intelligently understand conversations

Speechmatics announces its partnership with leading customer experience platform provider Neuraswitch. The Salesforce-integrated platform captures calls, transcribes them in real-time using Speechmatics’ technology, and provides emotional analytics for any situation to enhance customer satisfaction.

6 March 2019Read in full

Speechmatics takes language accuracy to the next level

Today, Speechmatics is announcing its Next Generation languages update, marking a significant improvement in accuracy across many of its core languages for use in speech-to-text transcription, providing a reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution for partners and customers.

6 December 2018Read in full

Voice conferencing

Speechmatics enables Clique to offer customers 74 languages for HD voice conferencing

Speechmatics, a leader in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, announces a partnership with Clique to offer enterprise clients the ability to communicate and collaborate with anyone in their company.

28 November 2018Read in full

Speechmatics has launched the Sounds feature

Speechmatics extends transcription offering with sounds feature

Speechmatics has launched the Sounds feature, a new addition to the company’s current speech-to-text offering. Sounds supports broadcasters by delivering highly accurate transcripts, allowing the speech engine to understand the difference between word pronunciations and the way they are written.

7 September 2018Read in full

Red Bee Media partners with Speechmatics to make broadcasting more accessible

A new live automatic subtitling solution from Red Bee Media, part of Ericsson, will help make unregulated content such as social media accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

6 September 2018Read in full

Speechmatics’ Custom Dictionary helps live broadcasters never get names wrong

Today, Speechmatics is announcing the launch of Custom Dictionary, a new feature for the company’s current speech-to-text transcription offering. Live broadcast subtitling has a recognised problem when it comes to names and place names. Custom Dictionary (CD) lets users add context specific words in real-time such as footballer names or breaking news locations, instantly increasing the accuracy.

4 April 2018Read in full

Speechmatics launches Global English, an accent-agnostic language pack

Today, Speechmatics is announcing the launch of Global English, a single English language pack supporting all major English accents for use in speech-to-text transcription. Global English (GE) was trained on thousands of hours of spoken data from over 40 countries and tens of billions of words drawn from global sources, making it one of the most comprehensive and accurate accent-agnostic transcription solutions on the market.

20 February 2018Read in full

Dark blue = Speechmatics language coverage

Speechmatics builds 46 languages in just six weeks, bringing total to 72 unique languages

Speechmatics, a leading provider of automatic speech recognition technology, has completed Project Omniglot, the team’s innovation challenge. It stress-tests the recently launched unique AI framework, the Automatic Linguist (AL), and paves the way for the wider goal of building every language in the world. Having successfully built 46 new speech-to-text languages in just six weeks, the company has taken its total number to an industry-leading 72.

29 November 2017Read in full

Speechmatics languages graphic

Speechmatics launches unique AI framework capable of learning new languages in days

Today, Speechmatics is announcing the launch of Automatic Linguist (AL), an Artificial Intelligence powered framework that drastically improves the speed at which new languages are built for use in speech-to-text transcription. AL has the potential to learn any language in the world in a matter of days.

7 November 2017Read in full

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