Magna International

Magna International

Magna is a leading global automotive supplier with 348 manufacturing operations and 91 product development, engineering and sales centres in 28 countries. We have over 172,000 employees focused on delivering superior value to our customers through innovative processes and World Class Manufacturing.

Address: Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge
Postcode: CB3 0HE
Country: United Kingdom
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At Magna, we take great ideas and develop them from invention to commercialization. We also know that great thinking happens outside our four walls, and that our ability to commercialise great ideas benefits inventors, founders, entrepreneurs, customers, and ultimately all who share the road.

As a global industry leader and the only automotive supplier in the world with the ability to contribute to every aspect of vehicle design, engineering and production, Magna International is pushing the boundaries of technology to define future mobility. In this new era of mobility, Magna is working with partners, entrepreneurs and start-up companies around the world to help bring ideas and innovation to market and develop game-changing technologies that are making the car of the future safer, smarter, cleaner and lighter.

To augment our own innovation efforts, Magna looks outside our four walls at early stage technologies that could compliment or enhance our current product portfolio. We have adapted an “open for business mentality” that casts our net broader in collaborating, investing and/or partnering with entrepreneurs, universities and the venture capital community.  Our goal is to be a a strategic partner and potential investor in helping bring new innovations to the market. 

Magna has a comprehensive product range, therefore our interest for new technology is very broad. That is one reason why we have also engaged with companies outside of traditional automotive.  Industries such as medical, aerospace and software are working on or already have many technologies that can be applied to automotive especially as we move closer to full autonomy and more electrification.  Technologies that include biosciences, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., are all areas that cross industries. 

Our objective is simple, we want the venturing and innovation world to better understand Magna, our ability to commercialize innovation and our position to lead in the transformation of the vehicle, the automotive industry and the future mobility landscape in general.

As a global company, Magna manufactures in 29 countries.   Therefore, we are able to leverage our global footprint to cultivate relationships with the best universities, venture funds, start-ups accelerators, and inventors.  We are very much open for business, backed by our recent partnerships with several companies out of Israel, Canada and the US and multiple co-investment deals we have entered.  To learn more, please visit

SPE Awards on a table

Magna wins three Innovation Awards from SPE Europe

Magna collected three first-place awards at the 2018 Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Awards gala held on July 6 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

17 July 2018Read in full

OLSA's unique OLED tail lamp on the Audi TT

Magna acquires OLSA and expands lighting business

Automakers will soon have a familiar name to source lighting products on a global scale: Magna International. Magna has signed a deal to acquire OLSA S.p.A., which will expand the company's lighting capabilities to enable it to design, engineer and manufacture headlamps, tail lamps and other lighting products in every key region of the world.

29 June 2018Read in full

The Zhenjiang facility

Magna to jointly engineer and build premium electric vehicles for customers in China

Magna has announced its intention to form two new joint ventures with Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd (BJEV) for complete vehicle manufacturing as well as engineering of electric vehicles.

19 June 2018Read in full

Magna's etelligentDrive eDS 48V High Performance System

Technology game changer: Magna’s 48-volt transfer case leads array of CO2-fighting products

Magna is on the fast track to vehicle electrification. With its all-new industry-leading 48-volt transfer case and an array of other 48-volt products, Magna continues to help automakers meet increasingly stringent global CO2 and fuel-economy regulations.

15 June 2018Read in full

May Mobility livery

Magna and May Mobility partner to build, deploy and scale self-driving shuttles

Getting around in some of the crowded city streets of America is about to get a little easier. May Mobility, a Michigan startup building self-driving shuttles, has partnered with Magna, a mobility technology company and one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, to retrofit and scale up May Mobility's unique fleet of self-driving shuttles set to enter the US market.

14 June 2018Read in full

Magna contract manufacturing complex in Graz, Austria

Magna to produce the new Z4 for the BMW Group

Magna adds to its contract vehicle manufacturing line-up in Graz, Austria, with the addition of the new BMW Z4. Production is scheduled to begin at the end of 2018. This business further strengthens Magna's position as the world's leading brand-independent vehicle contract manufacturer.

6 June 2018Read in full

The Comfort+ door latch from Magna

Magna develops Comfort+ door latch to improve door quality and cabin quietness

For automakers, two key customer satisfaction considerations are the feel of a car’s door when opening and closing, and the quietness of the cabin. Magna recently developed the Comfort+TM door latch to address both concerns and has secured its first production contract to supply the new type of latch to a European automaker.

24 May 2018Read in full

Magna employees join global 6K for Water

Magna employees join global 6K for Water

Six kilometres for water. That’s the average distance people in the developing world have to walk to get water for their families and homes. Even worse – the trek is often dangerous and the water usually unsanitary.

8 May 2018Read in full

The Magna and BHAP joint venture will supply door modules

Magna and BHAP create joint venture to supply door modules to automakers in China

A new joint venture between Magna and Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (BHAP) has been formed and has already netted new door module business for a German OEM in China.

30 April 2018Read in full

Magna earns GM Supplier of the Year awards

Magna earns GM Supplier of the Year awards

After supplying innovative technologies to help improve lighting and driveline performance for General Motors’ customers, Magna drove off with two GM Supplier of the Year awards at the automaker’s 26th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida.

30 April 2018Read in full

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