Satavia provides digital environmental awareness solutions for aviation. Satavia’s digital solutions combine data from numerical weather prediction, Earth observation, and aircraft tracking, to drive efficiency and reduce costs for aircraft manufacturers, maintenance repair organisations and operators.

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Unscheduled aircraft maintenance is costly and can affect the reliability of aircraft flight schedules. Environmental factors, such as dust in the atmosphere, causes accelerated wear of aircraft engine components and may compromise pre-planned maintenance schedules. Exposure to environmental factors in flight may also pose a hazard to the safety of flight.

Satavia’s digital environmental awareness solutions deliver predictability and efficiency in aircraft maintenance processes and flight operations, and support ‘smarter flying’ which reduces aircraft emissions. Satavia offers both historical and live dust exposure products for individual aircraft, and predictive analytics which correlate environmental exposure to component damage using machine learning.

Benefits include:

  • Improved prediction of maintenance planning with extended foresight;
  • Advanced flight planning with optimised aircraft environmental exposure; and
  • Enhanced situational awareness-related decision-making on the flight deck and on the ground.